Three Heel Clicks

Boston Style

Boston is a destination fond to Three Heel Clicks. The fact that it's on the coast, easy to navigate to and has some of the oldest architecture and history in the country makes it always a fun destination. Some of the best things to do include sight seeing and historical tours, visiting the Boston Public Library and Boston Commons. Also, grabbing a delicious plate of seafood to include oysters and lobster. 

Three Heel Clicks visits often and loves to venture there during the Winter. Being that Three Heel Clicks lives in Texas, the chilly temperatures are a treat compared to the hot humid climate. When visiting Boston you'll want to make sure you wear layers of clothing such as sweaters, two coats and maybe even tights under your jeans or pants. If you decide to wear a skirt, make sure you have good boots and warm socks to keep your legs warm. You'll also want to be prepared for rainy days and snow. 

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