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The Perfect Swimsuit Cover Up

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If you are in a warm weather climate you are probably a lot like me where you spend the majority of the Summer in swimsuits. Whether it's at my pool or chilling somewhere on the beach, I am in swimwear for about three months solid. Although I love swimsuits, I also think it's important to have a good cover up. That way you can walk around without feeling like you are bearing it all. I'll be sharing with you guys in an upcoming post a few other ideas for coverups, but for today let's talk about using an oversized scarf as a sarong. I picked this embroidered one up a few years ago at a great price. It's long instead of square and works perfectly with this off the shoulder swimsuit. You can easily tie it. I wrapped it around my waist and then tied part of the sides together in a knot instead of the ends. It's super easy to do and looks really elegant. I've rounded up some other scarves I'm loving below. All of them are under $50 and great for a cover up!

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