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How to Create Your Own Style

Finding your aesthetic comes naturally for some while others need a few guidelines to refine their style. Do you have a closet overflowing with things you never or rarely wear? Do you feel like you wear the same items over and over? Ask yourself how confident you feel on a daily basis. Crafting your own style needs to fit who you are, your lifestyle and values. Let's look at a few ways to create your own aesthetic:

Style Studio: Finding Your Aesthetic

Style Studio: Pick a Signature Color

Style Studio: Dressing in Three Colors

Style Studio: Adding Accessories

Finding Your Aesthetic

Developing your own style and aesthetic takes time and gets better as you go. Style is dynamic and changes throughout the course of life. For instance, my style in my early twenties was very preppy – classic button ups, polo shirts, loafers and cardigans. During that time, I sported mostly Coach purses in neutral colors. I wore a classic tan pea coat mixed with bright colors. It was very all American prep. As I started getting into my mid-twenties, I started experimenting with different silhouettes and proportions. I added flowy empire waste dresses and tops, wide legged trousers and cross body bags. I layered earrings on and long necklaces. Throughout my late twenties, I spent much of my time in the office. I tried to mix color and fun materials (like tulle and sequins) in with business professional items (like pencil skirts and pointy heels). Due to the type of job I had, I had to stay pretty dressed up five days a week.

Style evolves. It’s not a one and done topic. Your home, office, clothing can be a reflection of your taste. When evolving your aesthetic, having a starting point allows you to pull in things consistently. For instance, I found I still love preppy touches, like this gingham button up. But mixed with flared jeans for a slightly western feel. Although I am not from Texas, I’ve lived in this state for over half my life and draw a lot of inspiration from it. 

Picking colors that work for you are important to developing your aesthetic. I gravitate to shades of pink/red, blues and yellows. I tend to wear navy, white and tan for neutrals. Although I love every single color in the rainbow, I’ve found that these are the colors that seem to pop up over and over. Start by going through your closet and pull out every item you absolutely love. Lay them out on your bed or floor and look at what they have in common. Are they minimal in neutral color? Are they embellished with embroidery and sequins? Do you love stripes or prints? Once you find what you like the most, then you have a starting point and you can begin to decide what you want to keep, add or remove.

Picking a Signature Color

Let's discuss picking a signature color. Although I pretty much love EVERY color in the rainbow, I have a plethora of items in my signature color - blush. I've posted quite a bit about this color in the past, and decided two years ago that it would become a signature color for me. 

A signature color is one that you will consistently wear through all parts of your wardrobe. I have pants, dresses, blazers, tops, accessories and shoes in blush. Having items in a signature color allow you to create a good foundation for your closet and then you can play around by mixing and matching. Also, because it's color you gravitate towards - you can easily pull items when you have to get ready in a hurry.

  • Brights - Bright colors including cherry, daffodil yellow, kelly green and cobalt blue
  • Earthtones - Neutral and subdued these include olive, mustard, cognac, and beige
  • Pastels - Softer shades including pale yellow, nude, blush, baby blue and peach
  • Jewels - Deep bold hues including ruby, sapphire, emerald and amethyst

Looking for more about picking a signature color? Check out Style Studio: Picking a signature color.