Three Heel Clicks

Make a Plan

Planning is key in sales, business and most goals you want to achieve in life. Start with your goals. Setting realistic, attainable and time bound goals allows you to have an end in mind. Write them down and post all over your work space, home and even car. Carry them with you every where you go. You want those to be in front of you at all times.

Goal setting is the key to creating a solid plan

Once you set goals, break activities down into a list. For instance, if you are looking at email marketing and want to gain 5 new appointments with potential clients then begin by setting a goal for how many people you want to contact every day. Another activity would be to create canned messages so you mass email. You may want to consider utilizing a platform like Mail Chimp or Hubspot to automate these items.

Work With a Zero Email Mentality

Good habits start with a clean email inbox. Never miss an email by filtering out anything you have already responded to or is junk. I'll show you in this video how to filter your email so you have a searchable folder and zero email inbox: