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Three Heel Clicks was inspired by the childhood movie, The Wizard of Oz. Like many young girls, the first pair of heels I was introduced to came from this movie. Over time, the site is evolving into a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on fashion. I hope you find it a source of inspiration for you.  Thank you for following along...

The goal is to provide a creative community for women specifically targeting travel, lifestyle, interiors and fashion. The brand is designed to bring whimsical settings incorporating nature, architecture and feminine style. Travel is a way for the brand to share a story for all readers.

The brand has been in business since 2012 and we've worked with names like Coach, Jord Watches, Victory Rose Bed and Breakfast, and Cavallini's Creations. If you’d have a question or would like to reach out via email you can contact me at!

Thank you so much for following along!

-Founder, Crystal Jackson

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33 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I’m 33 years old and 5 feet tall. (60 inches total)

  2. I’ve lived in 12 cities, on 3 continents and 4 states as a military brat.

  3. My favorite foods involve any kind of cheese or dark chocolate.

  4. I seek out local coffee shops and always order their most popular or signature drink.

  5. I’ve danced almost the entire second act of the Nutcracker.

  6. I love to bake anything from scratch.

  7. Classical music makes me relaxed and is a way for me to clear my mind.

  8. I try to walk 3-7 miles every day.

  9. I can say my alphabet backward.

  10. I love to paint - landscapes, portraits, abstract.

  11. I have a photographic memory specifically accurate with colors.

  12. I have terrible eye sight -9.5 in both eyes.

  13. I’m deathly afraid of snakes and free falling to my death from being up high.

  14. I took an independent study in High School and was certified to work in a pharmacy.

  15. I love dogs more than most people.

  16. Gift giving and words of affirmation are my love languages.

  17. I’ve never lived in a single house more than 4 years.

  18. Since I can remember, I’ve always believed in Jesus is my savoir and God is loving.

  19. I’m all about murder investigation documentaries, podcasts, movies and series. I don’t really like chick flicks or romcoms.

  20. Yoga and mediation has changed my life.

  21. I love to teach people things taking complex concepts and breaking them down into bite size pieces they can relate to.

  22. I believe God paints for us every morning and evening with sunrises and sunsets.

  23. My favorite writer is Ralph Waldo Emerson and favorite book is Little Women.

  24. I’m a slow swimmer.

  25. Driving gives me anxiety and I’m a terrible driver.

  26. Like to rearrange things in my home, closet, car organization to refresh. *PSA: be prepared to hunt for the scissors because they were moved to a “better” place. :)

  27. I believe in journaling to work through my emotions.

  28. If I’m upset, I get extremely quiet and seem strong - ostrich is probably my spirit animal.

  29. I’m almost completely visual as a learner. I can’t remember song lyrics, funny jokes or most of any movie… but I’ll remember where I was the first time I hear a song, what everyone had on and the location of the funny joke and all of the colors shown in the movie.

  30. I operate constantly wavering between structure and impulsive creativity. I default to my routines when uninspired and when the creativity is flowing I drop everything to give myself the opportunity to focus all efforts.

  31. I’ve been drinking coffee for 19 years. Do the math. It’s no longer a problem, but a lifestyle choice.

  32. I strive to create magical moments especially with my kiddo.

  33. My biggest lesson in life: You can be love or fear. Every decision is an opportunity for love or fear. You have an opportunity everyday to start fresh and recreate your life.


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