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In My Beauty Bag

Crystal JacksonComment

Beauty is a topic I think every girl looks at in some form or fashion. Maybe you are one of those minimalists, who dabble moisturizer on in the mornings and are set for the day. Maybe you are one of those who love color and get all decked out. Well, I am somewhere in between. I like a more natural look most days, but am not afraid of a bold red lip. I've put together a few recommendations for what's in my makeup bag right now. 

Josie Moran "Argan Oil" - some of the best moisturizer I've ever used. I put it on in the mornings and evenings after using her argan oil cleanser and daily moisturizer. Buy the entire set here. It can be used for your hair and cuticles. 

Luxie Brush 504 "Large Angled" and Model Cosmetics "Blush Cheek Powder" in Cosmopolitan - I actually just signed up for IPSY, which is a beauty subscription service that sends you new products every month for $10. This blush gives a pinched cheek look that goes great with a natural eye.

Rimmel's "Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation" and (not pictured, but I use with it)  Rimmel's "Stay Matte Longlasting Pressed Powder" - I am all about foundation that's easy to find, has a great finish and lasts all day. This combination is great for full coverage.

Sephora's "Waterproof Gel Eyeliner" in Rio Nights - I love the deep black dotted along the upper lashline of this waterproof eyeliner. You can smudge it or wear it as striking eyeliner.

Sephora's Travel Brushes - These fit great into the purse and come with a perfect carrying case. They also have the softest bristles. 

Limecrime"Velveteen Lip Color" in Suedeberry - I've been on the same tube since August and wear this color multiple times a week. 

Cargo Cosmetics "LipGloss" in Anguilla - this is the perfect soft color (also received in my Ipsy bag this month).

Lollia's "Sugar Pastille" in Wish - Soft, floral and great day for night.