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Sunlight at Sunset

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Last year I started pushing myself to capture new angles involving sunlight. Getting back lit photos right does take a little practice to get it right, but when you do - it's exquisite. You can see some of my previous posts where I play around with back lighting here, here, and here. I recommend when you are trying new things with photography not to put too much pressure on yourself. You can always go to what's tried and true but give yourself a little patience when learning something new. 

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I picked this top up this year at the Scarecrow Festival in Chappell Hill, TX. Chappell Hill is a small town about an hour outside of Houston. I've posted a few times about their lavender farm and bluebonnet fields, The Bluebonnet Festival and then another one in my travel series titled Small Town Charm. I'm always on the hunt for local activities in small towns. I picked up this top there from one of the vendors, but I've linked several similar ones below.

White Lace Tops

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Riveted Pants

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Top: Philosophy (last seen here) // Pants: Free People // Shoes: Vintage from Feather's Boutique 

Over the past few weeks I've been reassessing my closet and realized I have very few pants outside of jeans. I decided it was time to pick up a few pieces and found these amazing vegan suede ones with rivets down the sides. I love the texture of them and how they look one of a kind. Although they aren't really work appropriate, they are really comfortable and I'll be wearing them over and over on weekends.

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I also picked up this awesome pair by A New Day at Target for office wear. Both pairs of pants fit  like a glove and are similar in style. As much as I've tried a few different cuts, I still gravitate to a skinny leg style. I find them to be slimming and not overwhelming on my smaller frame. 

Since the pants were a little on the rugged side, I decided to pair them with a floral blouse (last seen here) in similar brown shades. I added my favorite pair of booties I picked up last year from Feather's Boutique in Austin. Although they are vintage, I tried to link of few other ones with a similar look and feel. 

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Rose and Shine

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Sweatshirt: Target // Pea Coat: HM // Dress (worn as a skirt): LC Lauren Conrad // Tights: Bloch // Purse: Kate Spade NY // Boots: Lolli Couture

I am so excited about this post! You would think I was up North after a snowstorm but nope! These were taken today in Houston. Last night, for the first time in the nine years I've lived here we got snow! I cannot tell you how happy I was about it. Unfortunately it only last through the morning, but it was so magical I had to stop and take a few photographs. 

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Growing up I spent a lot of time around snow. We constantly moved all over the country and out of the country a couple of times. I loved seeing it and found that if you are sporting the right gear it's not miserable but fun! The key is to layer. When you are outside the temperatures will oftentimes fluctuate so wearing a sweater over a thinner long sleeve shirt gives the ability to remove or add as needed. I actually added a scarf and ear muffs later on today when I went for a walk at lunch. 

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I love the sweatshirt I'm wearing underneath. I picked it up from Target and the "Rose and Shine" gold metallic lettering was just perfect to layer over this tulle dress worn here in the past. If you want to get more mileage out of an item think about different ways to wear it. You could layer a shirt over like I did here or under so the dress looks more like a jumper. 

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