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Home Sweet Heel Clicks: Living Room Decor

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I've had these pictures finished for about two weeks now. I've made it my mission to finally clear out all of the clutter since I upgraded to a larger apartment last Fall. I know... seems like eons ago, but really it's been about six months. When I first moved into my last apartment (you can see more here), I moved in with very little. It was a time in my life where I needed a fresh start and I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to decorate things. I started with pieces I owned (a dining room table, bedframe and this mirror). Slowly over time, my mom helped me find vintage pieces and suddenly I created a pastel and feminine oasis. 

As time grew by, my grandmother passed down her antique glass to me and the emergence of adding cobalt blue into the space became a priority. I swapped out these sea green curtains for the ones currently shown. I added a blue floral throw and started pulling out many of my transferware dishes. My color scheme evolved to a blush, hot pink and cobalt blue theme with pops of aqua here and there. I believe in designing around the things you love instead of buying new things to fill a space. Most of the items showcased here have some sort of history. Although I've linked for you as many as I could or similar items, I strongly suggest scouring places like flea markets and antique stores for better quality items with history and charm.

I figured today would be a good day to post pictures of the living room, talk about the design, organization and aesthetics for you! I hope you find this post helpful and it brings inspiration to your own space. I want you to note that this is a rental, but you can still get a home like feel if you plan things carefully. 

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The Layout

I began with putting the couch opposite of the TV and console. I wanted the space to feel open and airy with a path that leads straight to the patio. The coffee table is a little over-sized and the couch can sit 3-4. When I have more guests over, I easily pull the sugar cane brown chair over or a few chairs from my dining room/office. Most of the time it's just a few of us here and more seating is unnecessary. While I love to entertain, I don't do it as much as I'd like to so the layout works great. 

On one end of the couch is a Queen Anne style end table courtesy of my other grandmother. On the other side I actually use the window sill for drinks or my cell phone to charge. During the day there's enough natural lighting I usually do not have to turn lamps on unless I want to create additional ambiance. The sheer curtains allow light to come in without sacrificing style.

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Lighting Tips

I have a strong hatred for overhead lighting unless I'm doing something that requires and entire room to be bright. Honestly, it gives me a headache. So I opted for three lamps throughout the space. One sits on the left of the console. The second one is a floor lamp and sits to the right of the couch. Finally, another lamp sits on the end table of the couch. I used the same lamps shades for the two table lamps to tie the space together in a pale pink. You'll oftentimes see in my instastories the lighting looks blush, well it's because of the lampshades. 

Having the option of turning on all three or just a couple gives the space flexibility. As I mentioned above I wanted to make sure I could pull in as much natural lighting as possible. Unlike my bedroom which is full of windows and has tons of daylight, the living room tends to stay on the darker side. I didn't want anything to obstruct light from coming in, but still wanted to add interest. I opted for these shibui printed sheer curtains to tie in more cobalt blue.

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Decor and Accessories

I like to think of accessories as the icing on the cake not the cake itself. If you have a beautiful space that doesn't function or meet your needs, there's no point in making it pretty. Spaces should easily flow and work for everyone in the household. I have found if I design a practical space it makes it a breeze to keep it tidy. I decided for the decor to use these shelves I've had for a long time. They were such a pain to hang as floating shelves, so I drill a few holes into the bottom and hung them with brackets instead. 

The art throughout the space was all paintings I did over the past few years. I rounded them up and decided to lean a few on the shelves along with sentimental pictures and then a set of three over the TV console. I've done commissioned paintings upon request for a long time and wanted to use ones in my own home that meant something to me. You'll see other pieces that I didn't paint in future posts, but for the living room I decided to use my own. Scour places that have prints, street vendors or even flea markets for pieces in your own home if you don't paint yourself.

For table top accessories I added pieces I've found from Hobby Lobby like the tray sitting on the coffee table with touches of rose gold throughout the space. I love copper kitchen items and since I have an open floor plan I thought it would be nice to tie similar tones throughout the kitchen dining and living room like the three votives on the tray on the coffee table or the bowl holding my rock collection. 

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Although I take thousands of pictures monthly, I rarely print them. I did however add a couple of family photos on the shelves above the couch for a few personal touches. You don't have to go overboard with pictures. Just add the ones that work with your decor and keep the rest in albums. Another trick is to place all of the photographs in large white mattes with white frames for a simple but elegant look or create a gallery wall. The couch is an antique couch in which I ordered a slipcover for. It's great because I can just throw the whole thing in the washing machine to keep it clean and rarely worry about spills. 

The finishing touches were a few throw pillows from Target and Ikea, arranging my books in an aesthetically pleasing way and adding my floor mirror to provide an anchor in the room. I've included a video walk through of the space filmed a few nights ago if you'd like to check it out here.

Video Tour of Living Room

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Three Days in Seattle

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Top: Target (similar here and more options below) // Skirt: Amazon (identical here) // Shoes: Sam Edelman (on sale and super comfy!) // Sunnies: Free People

As I am sitting at the airport wrapping up a three day trip here in Seattle I am surprised by how chilly it's been up here. I flew in on Tuesday from Houston and it was sunny slightly warm. Fast forward three days and I'm chilly and it's super gray outside. Seattle has so much to offer and I am thankful for getting a chance to explore. I had a HUGE itenarary but ended up spending most of the week exploring instead. I am so excited to share some of the places I visited with you guys in this post! 

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One thing I really like about this place was how clean the city is. I was so surprised. Houston is not always  the cleanest despite how much I love living there. Seattle on the other hand was sustainable, clean and has so much to do outside. I arrived early Tuesday and immediately toured the city. You can easily take the train from the airport to downtown using the LINK rail. It was so simple and I found really easy to navigate even with my luggage. 

Three Heel Clicks - Three Days in Seattle (14).jpg

The first stop I made was to see the bay at the Victor Steinbrueck Park near Pike's Place Market. It had tons of people and colorful art everywhere. I made my way after a quick stroll to Mercato Stellina where I had the most delicious organic mixed greens salad. The staff couldn't have been kinder and gave me a few recommendations of places to visit while I was in town. The atmosphere of the restaurant was so elegant I really wanted to bring home one of their exquisite chandeliers.

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Afterwards I trotted over to Pike's Public Market which is full of fresh foods, flowers and just about everything else in between. I was astonished at how inexpensive a bundle of flowers are compared to what we pay here in Houston. I love markets and this one was bustling with people. I highly recommend visiting for souvenirs, lunch and you can have them ship seafood home for you!

That evening I headed over to Kirkland where I was meeting one of my longest running friends after she was out of training. Both of us were ready to grab a drink and some food so we settled on a local restaurant that was around the corner from our hotel called the Big Fish Grill. After a few glasses of wine, oyster shooters and delicious Baja Fish Tacos we decided to call it an evening.

The next morning I arose and headed downtown for another day of exploring. One thing to note about Seattle is that everything opens a little later than it does in the South. Many restaurants do not serve until the evening and brunch is more of a weekend thing. So if you are traveling during the week, I found the best places to grab something to eat where restaurants part of hotels. I began at The Thompson Hotel and ate at Scout. Their avocado toast was heavenly. After lunch I stopped at the Chocolate Box which serves wine flights paired with chocolate (can I say heaven?) It was so delicious. Since it was sunny that day, I made sure to spend as much time as possible touring downtown. The city has so many different eclectic flavors and I was surprised at how many Italian restaurants there were. 

Three Heel Clicks - Three Days in Seattle (23).jpg

On the last day I decided to start off the morning grabbing delicious greek yogurt and berries at Shaker and Spear in the Palladium Hotel. This place is perfect if you want to leisurely take the time for a bite and even get work done. Afterwards I headed over to the Bookstore Bar which had the most charming interiors. They serve a delicious sparkling flight that donates to local causes. The last restaurant I visited was call Floret where they serve vegetarian food and handcrafted cocktails. I ordered their goat cheese crostini which was whipped goat cheese served with olive oil and spiced bread. Needless to say it was devoured. Floret is located right in the airport and felt like I was immediately transported out of a terminal and into a modern cafe. 

After three days I was ready to be on my way home, but would love to revisit when I can do more outdoor exploring. The one thing I wish I had known was how much chillier the weather is. I brought this adorable jacket, but could have easily worn something heavier. On Wednesday I opted for a lemon print linen shirt, midi skirt and the best ballet flats (seriously, no blisters!) I picked up a new pair of sunglasses while I was there and this cute hat I'll be wearing this summer. Another thing to know is the sun sets later there. In fact, sunset in June is slated for 9pm so you can get a lot more done if you are looking for outdoor activities. 

Do you guys have any Seattle recommendations?

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Houston Hotspots: Old Town Spring

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I've been dying to visit this place ever since my dear friend Shirin told me I would love it last Fall. Two weeks ago I decided to pack up and drive nearly 45 minutes from my house to see what all of the fuss was about. I wasn't disappointed. With nearly 150 shops and restaurants in the heart of Spring, TX there was tons to do! Not to mention the fact that it's nestled right between Houston and The Woodlands/Conroe area. I brought my kiddo along and we wandered up and down a couple of the streets taking in all of the charm. 

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When we arrived, both of us were pretty hungry so we headed straight for Ellen's Cafe (which had amazing reviews). I ordered a potato, leek and asparagus soup which was perfect since I prefer to eat light on a warm day. They sell fudge and have a full ice cream bar inside if you want to just pop in and grab something quick. The staff was so friendly and the service was impeccable. Not to mention, they have a stellar patio equipped with perfect patio lighting for evenings. When I looked around for vegetarian options they were the first to pop up!

Old Town Spring was a settlement back in the 1800's and became a major station for the railroads as it had two lines that crossed. While mostly German settlers, the town was built in a Victorian style with intricate details and wooden structures. You can actually see a lot of original artifacts from clothing to house hold goods in The Museum.

Next up was to tour around the streets and we headed straight to the Doll Hospital. It's a great place to bring little girls and they have hundreds of dolls in the shop. Another thing we noticed was just how many toy and candy stores there were from the restaurant to the Doll Hospital. I was so glad it was so kid friendly. Also, it was a Saturday and uncrowded so it made it really easy to bring the kiddo along. Here is a listing of all of the shops and restaurants.

Three Heel Clicks - Houston Hotspots - Old Town Spring (15).jpg

While you visit I recommend going by White Hall. It's one of the earlier Victorian style buildings built at the turn of the century and has a beautiful gazebo, garden and there's a shop inside. We picked up Himalayan bath salts in the pretties soft pink shade. They look like pink rocks and I'll be using them for some decor in my pink bathroom. 

Three Heel Clicks - Houston Hotspots - Old Town Spring (20).jpg

For the outing, I decided to wear a cream colored slip dress I bought at a boutique in Ft. Worth, a lemon chiffon kimono (you can shop a bunch below and many are under $50), my new favorite flats, and a classic white and tan structured bag. Lemon prints are in rotation for the Summer and I'll be bringing lots on my upcoming trip to Seattle. You can follow along on Instagram this week to see more!

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