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5 on fridays - Five Ways to Squeeze in Me TIme

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Getting a little bit of me time is possible even if you have a crazy schedule. I get it. There are kids, extracurricular activities, work, social events, birthday parties, work parties and the list goes on. Sometimes life feels like we are just switching constantly from one thing to the next. Over time, without having our self care time it’s easy to lose a sense of purpose. It’s so vital to our well being to be able to relax, refresh, and reset. I challenge you starting today to incorporate a minimum of just 15 minutes of designated “me” time daily during the next week.

The Day Before Set an Alarm for Your 15 Minutes

Always prepare time for yourself. Schedule it! Add it to your daily plan and then set an alarm for it. Treat this time as important as you would preparing your kids for school. After all, you’ll be a better coworker, mom, wife, and friend if you feel yourself!

Set Expectations With Your Family

Let those you love know that you have some time scheduled for yourself and ask them to respect your 15 minutes. You may even request 30 minutes just to ensure you can actually get a full 15 minutes without interruption.

Plan an Activity You Love

Decide on one or two things you’d like to spend time on. Maybe it’s finally trying a yoga flow. Maybe it’s working on your French using Duolingo. Maybe it’s sketching or reading a book. Whatever the activity, have it ready to go so all you have to do is start working on it.

Enjoy Your Time

This is YOUR 15 minutes. Enjoy every last drop! This is NOT the time for Mom guilt. You work hard and help your loved ones, enjoy all of it and remember you are bettering yourself so you can be better for them!

Document Afterwards

Take a photo, post on social media or even keep a journal with a reflections page for this week. Note how you feel after you complete your “me” time! Share your happiness with those around you! Joy is contagious and you’ll be able to see your progress!

Three Heel Clicks - 5 on Fridays - Five Ways to Squeeze in 15 Minutes of Me Time  #selfcare #personaldevelopment

Create a beautiful berry inspired Fall look!

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Swimming at the Lake

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Been spending ample time getting as close to Mother Nature as possible lately. Yesterday I took advantage of the beautiful sunshine after almost a week of cloudy skies and rain by stepping out on the lake for a swim! My daughter and I packed up a picnic and walked from our cabin down to the lake to get much needed swim time!

I’ve been really into wearing a more modest swimsuit this past summer despite the fact that I’ve worked on toning more than ever in my thirties. I think as we get older it’s perfectly okay to wear a flattering sexy swimsuit but I also think it’s just as impactful to be a little more covered. When I’m out playing with the kiddo I’m not trying to constantly adjust every few minutes to ensure I am not showing something I shouldn’t be. No, I’d rather be able to swim comfortably and play!


Don’t forget to protect your skin with SPF Veil!

As the summer winds down don’t be afraid to buy half a swimsuit if you find one in your size! Although my top and bottoms are part of two swimsuits I own I mixed and matched to create today’s retro inspired look! Instead of buying a matching set you can look for things on clearance in the same colors!

Three Heel Clicks - Swimming at the Lake

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Marina Mornings

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Since I’ve been staying at a lake in Northern California, I’ve made it a point to focus on overall health and connecting deeper to my surroundings. Slow drives through the mountains, walks at sunset and sunrise, stargazing at night and examining the beauty in nature are what most of my past few days have been like for me. Health is my number one priority and I’m not just talking about diet and exercise. Now more than ever I am putting my mental, spiritual and physical health at the top of my priority list.


With that being said I’ve been paying close attention to making sure I’m getting enough exercise, eating whole fruits and vegetables, hydrating my skin and protecting it from the sun. The air in Northern California is so clean compared to Houston and the UV rays sear right through it. Not only do I use an SPF veil broad spectrum beauty fluid (you can read more about that product in last week’s post) but I also hydrate with our YOU•OLOGY Day Moisturizer and my favorite BB Cream.


I’ve been harping so much about skincare lately and it’s more important to me than ever before now that I’m closer to forty than twenty-one! The main key with skincare is to be as consistent as possible. Ensure you cleanse, tone, treat and moisturize daily to allow your skin cells to regenerate. Another BIG step I’ve added is regularly exfoliating. I love our YOU•OLOGY Brightening Mask because it treats the skin to a brighter appearance and lightly exfoliates.


Recently I earned a certification in our YOU•OLOGY skincare product line. If you are not sure where to start to improve your skincare regimen then I’m all ears! Reach out to me at or submit your email below! I’d love to set up a brief consultation online and discuss your best options for your skin!


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Saturday shopping: The Hands down best product for spf & Skincare

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Now now more than ever I’ve been making it a point to wear an SPF product on my face daily! For years I went without any protection and now that I’m approaching mid-30s I see just how important it is for me to make sure I shield my skin from unwanted rays. I’ve been wearing our new SPF veil daily for the past week and I’m so happy to report that I have had zero breakouts from the product!


The product is both a chemical and physical shield designed for lasting wear alone or under makeup. It’s practically odorless and immediate seeps into the skin without leaving blotches of white! I’ve noticed it doesn’t burn when I apply like many sunscreen products do! You can pick up a bottle by shopping here or using the link below!


It is safe for all family members and offers an SPF 30 to give maximum benefits without adding unnecessary ingredients. I apply mine in the morning now after moisturizing and before adding makeup. If I’m in the water I’ll reapply every few hours, but otherwise it’s been fine for me to apply in the morning for all day coverage.


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5 on Fridays - Five Everyday Makeup Essentials

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Three Heel Clicks - 5 on Fridays - Five Every Day Makeup Essentials

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with tons of options on makeup on the market. I’ve paired down my collection of items to what I use every single day. These are the top five products I just can’t live without. They are all tried and true, withstand an active lifestyle and are made with nourishing ingredients to help the appearance and overall health of my skin. I love getting my hands on one of YOUNIQUE’s collections because they come at a HUGE discount and they are bundled so you have products that work to enhance one another. Here are five everyday makeup essentials you can get in our BE YOUNIQUE Up and Stunning Collections!

BB FLAWLESS complexion enhancer

Lightweight and natural-looking, BB FLAWLESS complexion enhancer lets you experience flawless-looking skin with a fresh, dewy finish. Fast, effortless application and the perfect base for concealers, BB FLAWLESS complexion enhancer is bound to be your go-to foundation for any situation.

Dip n Draw Liner

Dip and Draw Liner.jpg

Dip your way from thick to thin with DIP & DRAW eyeliner’s unique, easy-to-use, ultra-fine applicator tip perfect for everything from cat eyes to bold outlines. This liquid eyeliner formula is waterproof, sweat-proof, and long-lasting. And, with its rich colors, it’s definitely snooze-proof.



Clinically proven to visibly improve volume, length, and definition with an intensely conspicuous coat. For a truly multidimensional finish, go big with a second coat of black, brown, or waterproof, or top it off with MOODSTRUCK 3D FIBER LASHES+™ lash enhancer for even more captivating, dramatic lashes. A blend of flexible polymers adds buildable volume to lashes. Ophthalmologically teste. Just one coat of our MOODSTRUCK EPIC™ mascara delivers up to 244% increase in lash volume, and up to 430.3% in just two coats*


Out with the shine and in with the bold. Matte lips are working their way from the runway to the streets for a stunningly daring look. To master the matte makeup trend, the no-smudge, no-budge STIFF UPPER LIP® lip stain is the worry-free miracle that provides perfectly tinted, long-lasting color with a smooth matte finish. Stubborn and strong all night long, you’ll transform into a matte maven with a few quick strokes!

TOUCH À LA MODE powder luminizer


Brush on brilliance with TOUCH À LA MODE powder luminizer, a rich, pressedpowder highlighter with an extra lightweight finish. Light-diffusing, multi-toned pigment pearls adjust to your skin’s natural undertones while rich emollients condition your skin for a smooth, flawless-looking appearance.

MOODSTRUCK HOTTIE lip plumper (Bonus product)

Our MOODSTRUCK HOTTIE™ lip plumper delivers head-turning, traffic-stopping, heart-pounding lips with a few swipes of its invigorating formula. That’s not all: this smooth, glossy formula can contribute to perkier-looking lips as part of your bedtime routine. Hot lips? Of course—you woke up like this.


The BE YOUNIQUE Up and Stunning collection includes:

Not everyone has their own personal makeup artist, and with this at your fingertips, you won’t need one. This full-face collection has everything you need to hit the ground stunning. You can buy the entire collection through the month of August for only $117!!! It’s a HUGE savings! If you were to buy all of these items individually it would be almost $200. Plus the collection comes with a really adorable crossbody bag!


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