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Fall Basics

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This past weekend, I took some time out of a busy life of driving all over the big ol' city of Houston and retreated out to quieter areas of Bryan/College Station. My family and I attended an array of fun Fall activities (which I'll be posting throughout the week), and I especially took time to reflect and wind down after my first full week of starting at new company.

Life can be hectic sometimes, and the body gets drained. I find as I am getting older (yep, this year was the big 3-0!) it's really important to feed the soul. Otherwise the body and mind are run ragged. This weekend I took extra time to focus on having meaningful moments with those I truly love. Over the past few years, I found I bounced from work to home to work to home so much it really took a toll on my overall being. I was constantly tired - not just physically, but mentally. Being a mom, a full time worker and constantly traveling can be a lot of fun, however it can also really pull out all of your energy. Taking moments to reflect on who you are inside, so you can be a better person outside makes a huge difference. 

One of the ways I've found to give my soul some me-time is to take a nature walk. Maybe it's the quiet solitude, or maybe it's just being around so many things that are alive and colorful... but I find that a few minutes outside does my soul wonders. I took some time on Saturday afternoon to just wander around on a trail before I headed to an event I had pre-planned. It's funny how much just 20 minutes makes all the difference in the world. 


I really love to bring out my longer skirts for the winter. This was an old DIY project I made last season by taking a jersey maxi dress and literally cutting off the top. I really didn't think the top of the dress was all that flatter, but loved the length of the skirt. So voila! A quick and easy fix. I've found another option below. But a long skirt is a must for Fall and into Winter.

Since it's still a little warmer right now, I thought a comfy striped tee and my brown flat boots would be the best additions to this one. A cross-body bag is probably the type of handbag I tend to go to on the weekends. It's just too easy and since I'm usually pretty active, it keeps me hands free.

Skirt: DIY // Tee: Old // Boots: Olive Street // Hat: Target // Purse: Michael Kors

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