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Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch

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If you've never been to a corn maze, I highly recommend spending an afternoon wandering through one. Last weekend my family and I decided to check out Texas A&M University's new project, a corn maze! We spent the afternoon wandering around the rows and rows of corn. It was such a blast! I had never been to one before and it was really an experience. The corn literally grew taller than me. It was nice to see all of the different phases of growing stages.

Afterwards, we spent some time at the Farm Patch where they had all of their pumpkins on display. My daughter couldn't get enough of the hay maze. It was such a fun family activity. Fall is one of my favorite times of year, and it still is pretty warm for us here in Texas. I usually try to opt for Fall inspired items that aren't too hot. For instance, today I wore a sheer lace long sleeved top, but with a silk tank top underneath. That way, when the temperatures heated up, I could tie it around my waist and stay cool. Same with boots, by wearing a pair of breezy shorts with a pair of ankle boots - I was in season without being hot.

I wanted to share my fall bucket list for the activities I plan on doing this year before the winter season approaches. They include

  1. Corn Maze (check)

  2. Pumpkin Patch (check)

  3. Decorate the house with gourds and casper pumpkins (check)

  4. Make apple cider -something I've never done!

  5. Carve a pumpkin

  6. Homemade apple pie

  7. Roast pumpkin seeds

  8. Make a cape for Halloween

  9. Stock up on veggies at a Famer's market (check)

  10. Spend the evening star gazing now that it's finally getting cooler

Shirt: Ross find // Tank: Anthropologie // Shorts: Mudd // Crossbody: Michael Kors // Boots: Very Volatile // Hat: Old Navy.