Three Heel Clicks


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What I loved the most during my last visit to Europe were all of the beautiful gardens. I could spend every day all day wandering around pathways filled with fragrant flowers. One of those hidden gems lies here in Texas at a place called Martha's Bloomers. Here you have acres of beautiful ponds floating with waterlilies (which are my absolute favorite flower), climbing vines up walls, and rows and rows of beautiful plants to take home. 

It's a very magical place and has a tea room for afternoon tea and dessert. I  spent the day taking my daughter (who also has an afinity for flowers and gardens) there to wander up and down all of the different parts of the property. She couldn't get enough of it! There are antique bicycles and we even found a bench with a patina finish on the property. Navasota is near Houston, College Station/Bryan Area, Brenham and Hempstead. If you are in that region, head on over for a scenic little stroll. The city has a historic square for downtown that's very pretty to visit along with Martha's Bloomers.

I really love the look of an off-the-shoulder dress. This year I've been working on refining my color palette in my wardrobe. I tend to wear things like navy, olive, camel, cream, blush and red. I also add in punches of cobalt and mint during appropriate occasions or coral if I'm at the beach. This blush colored dress was perfect for our warmer months in Texas, but I knew when colder temperatures rose - it would be great to add tall boots and a cozy long sweater.

I love to wear pink! But I will tell you that finding the right shade can make a difference in your skintone. Pink can take on many different personas. It's sweet in lighter shades, bold in dark hues and can look cool or warm depending on how much gray it has in it. I prefer a peachy shade of pale pink since my skin tone is warmer. However, if you are on the cooler side a soft muted shade will compliment you better than a peach.

I knew we'd be walking a ton this day so I added my favorite Ted Baker bag with rose gold detailing, and a pair of flats to wander aimlessly for a few hours. This bucket shaped bag is just the right size to not overwhelm my frame (only 5 feet tall), but has plenty of room to carry the essentials like a waterbottle, wallet, makeup and keys. Make sure whenever you are going to be out and about to carry something that holds enough room! I've found I really have a better experience if my hands are only touching one thing and not loaded up with tons of stuff. Plus, my daughter is notorious for handing me things she was carrying, so I always leave room for her.