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Anchors Away

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The cloudy skies over the past few weeks are really inspiring backdrops for me to add extra color in my closet. I've been trying new ways to sport neckerchief (see here and here) and here is another version of one I made. I found this piece of fabric from Waverly and it was a precut square. I immediately knew it would be easy to fold into a neckerchief. You can pretty much take any size square and turn it into a scarf. Accessories are something I've tried lately to change up. Since I'm not much of a jewelry type of gal, I like using other types like hats or scarves. Don't get me wrong, I love a good pair of simple earrings or a statement necklace every now and again, but don't limit yourself to wearing the same thing over and over.

To Make a Neckerchief

  1. Fold the fabric diagonally into one large triangle. 
  2. Start folding into 1-2" sections starting with the long side until you create a slim roll of out of the fabric.
  3. Tie around your neck once, and then switch directions and loop the other way to make a square knot.

There you have it! Three steps to a creating a neckerchief out of any square scarf or piece of fabric. It's an easy DIY and you can experiment with different sizes and fabrics to give different looks. 

Another way I like to wear scarves are like a shawl. I've found that they are a cozy alternative to wearing a cardigan. Plus, with our crazy varying temperatures, it's easy to layer them in different ways throughout the day to combat airconditioning and humidity. Today I took a long time favorite I purchased years ago at Abercrombie & Fitch and folded it in half diagonally. I wore it draped over my shoulders for a lightweight cover up to a sleeveless dress. 

Another tip I have for you guys is around layering different patterns. I shy away from alot of larger patterns because of the size of my frame, but today I did a little mix and match with the tiny anchors (reflected again in my studded earrings) and the gingham of the printed scarf worn as a shawl. It's easy to mix prints if you keep the color scheme simple. I posted last week on Instagram another way to mix florals and polka dots. The key to is to incorporate the same colors to keep the look from being too busy.

A lot of bloggers out in the style world are constantly adding tons of new items to their wardrobe and I want to inspire readers to find new ways to wear items they have existing in their closet. Here the only new thing I purchased was the small square of fabric used for the neckerchief. I would suggest taking an inventory of the items you really love and putting them on your phone for easy access. You can organize by tagging them on Google Photos or even creating a Pinterest board (and you can keep it secret). Getting dressed can be so much easier if you are laying in bed the night before and simply scroll through your favorites to put a quick outfit together.


Another way I stay organized is by keeping a running list of items to look for. Establishing a color palette also helps you with mixing and matching items. Look through your closet and see if you have a bunch of a single accent color like I wear red, blue, mint and blush. Sometimes I throw in the occasional mustard yellow. 

Then, take a look at your basics or neutrals. I prefer to wear navy, cognac, cream and camel. I have a few classic black items for winter, but most of my neutrals are in the above listed colors. It doesn't mean you can buy a sparkly fuschia top or an emerald green party dress, just make sure that the majority of what you wear has a common theme. It makes mixing and matching so much easier. 

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