Three Heel Clicks

No. 6: Fast Forward Friday

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A grandpa sweater is one of my favorite items for Fall. It's versatile and comfy. I like to wear them with a pair of skinny jeans or a dress. For today's FFF, I decided to go with a country chic feel. A bandanna is a great accessory and here I tied it onto my purse to incorporate more red in my outfit. Since it's cooler outside, a pair of boots make it easy to walk in tall grass or out on a farm. Since so many Fall activities are held in pumpkin patches, at farmer's markets, and out on ranches, it's nice to have the right pair of shoes to make it through all of those fun events. It also keeps the grass from tickeling bare legs when wearing a skirt.

The infamous red cup is finally in my hands. I love this time of year and really abuse wearing the color red. (On that note I also tend to abuse wearing glitter, sequins and anything made of tulle). Red is one of my favorite colors and find during the Winter season it comes out the most in my wardrobe choices. If you missed it yesterday, check out my Holiday Bucket List for some fun holiday ideas! For today's FFF, I thought it would be nice to show you how I took a grandpa sweater and styled it with a completely different dress shape, accessories and look all together.

Today was also another example of the rule of wearing three colors. Today it was two neutrals and a bright. But gray looks great with cognac brown and a pop of red. A red lip is the ultimate accessory when you are sporting red in your outfit. It changes the entire look of your face and can really brighten your complexion. I am a big believer in keeping the rest of your face minimal on makeup if you decided to go with a bold lip. I love to use Bare Minerals foundation and mascara. I've found it lasts at least 6 hours without touching up and doesn't irritate my eyes or skin. For lips, I used NARS velvet matte lipstick pencil. It's a nice deeper shade of red and stays on! You don't want clown mouth!

When I wore the sweater previously in this post, I went with an all neutral color scheme. If you are pairing gray with black, it's a good idea to make sure the gray is lighter in shade so that it doesn't compete with the darkness of black. Also, texture is fun to play with when you are wearing neutrals. Whether it's patent, beading or even a cable knit pattern - it's nice to vary texture to keep the outfit interesting. I also like to add something feminine to a masculine looking grandpa sweater.