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Vintage Velvet

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I can't lie. This is one of the most fun shoots I've done in a long time. I was on my way into the office the other day and found this black and white wall that was a must do for today's post. I love to wear color and deciding to ONLY put on black and white is actually a bit of a challenge for me. Pink and sparkly? No brainer. Tulle and sequins? Easy-peasy. But this vintage black velvet dress I bought over a year ago? Well, that's a tough one...until the wall. Immediately it all came together in my head. The perfect backdrop for this years holiday dress guide.

Whether you are attending a family gathering, or obligated to go to the infamous work affair - a classic dress will take you far over the holiday season. This one is vintage - but I've managed to find an array of different LBDs for this season. One of the things I do like about sticking with something more classic is how you can change up your shoes, clutch and hair for whatever occasion you are attending. I could easily add a belt or broach with color to this dress or spice it up with some sparkly shoes. 

Since I'm all about a girly look - black and white heels and an embellished purse was perfect for me to add interest to the dress. I recently found this pair on clearance (yes, I love to scrounge the clearance isles even when I'm dashing into Target to pick up some tea). I knew right away they would be a good investment and for $20...who could argue?

A fun pair of shoes are the perfect accessory to any look. I usually wear flats these days since I try to regularly hit 10k steps every day (usually more). But for the party gal, heels are a must. I would recommend carrying a pair of flats and a larger bag if you are going to be walking or heading out for a while for New Years Eve. It's no fun to be in pain during a festive event. Over the years, I've given into the fact that my feet appreciate it so much more when I can move around with ease.

For the shape of the dress, a fit and flare is flattering on most figures and is easy to sit in. Although I wear dresses 5 days out of the week, I like to pick ones that are roomy so I can sit comfortably. Also, look for unique detailing. This dress had a slit in the back and details on the velvet cuffs. It really made if feel one of a kind. If you are buying something on a lower end price point - look at ways you can add to it for a little DIY sparkle. It doesn't take a lot of creativity to make something simple look unique. I could have easily added two rhinestone buttons for each wrist. 

Another thing to look for in your holiday dress hunting - fabric! The quality and texture of the material can make a dress look like a million bucks. Because it's winter season (well, almost!), it's the perfect time to whip out velvet. Due to the Texas heat, velvet is something I usually can only wear for a short period of time. I definitely take advantage of it! Other fabrics that are high in quality include wool and cashmere. A cashmere embellished sweater or dress is comfortable and breathes well, plus super chic!

Since the texture was rich and I chose a bold shoe and embellished purse, I kept my jewelry minimal with a pair of simple studded rhinestone earrings. They went perfectly with the detailed buttons on the sleeves of the dress. I think I might wear this dress with a simple broach right beneath the neckline and add a pop of jewel colored pumps the next time I decide to pull it out. However, you can never go wrong with simple black and white or classic studs.

Well, I decided to check off one of my Holiday Bucklet list items today. If you missed the post on the full Bucket List - check it out her! It's full of fun things to get done over the next few weeks. I'll be adding more posts over the next few weeks. I'd love to hear your Bucket List ideas too! Send them on over and follow along on Snapchat or Instagram for more updates! Happy Hunting!