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Finally it's getting cold enough for a good jacket. I have always been someone who is drawn to bright and bold colors, but as Winter approaches - I am finding that black is making its way into my closet (as well as gray, white and camel.) I love the mix of different patterns in this look. The check on my sweater, shoes and jacket work because they are in the same color scheme. If you are going to mix patterns, keep the colors basic. You don't want it to look matchy-matchy, but you also don't want it to look like mis-matched.

A printed coat works well if you play it right. I plan to wear this one over a soft pink dress I wore last Spring. The soft texture of the jacket looks great with masculine or feminine pieces. I also really like how relaxed the shape is. I can't wait to add a bright colored beanie or scarf as it gets colder and colder. The best thing about the jacket was that it's on clearance! Hurry before they sell out. I did find a few other options in "Shop the Look" below.

Even though this outfit has an androgynous feel, I did decide to add something with a little girly touch. I probably wear one of my Ted Baker tote's at least once a week. The bow just adds a little something special without being overboard.  As the holidays approach, I've been brainstorming like crazy for my holiday goals. I've already done a lot of Christmas shopping (I hate waiting until the last minute) and am in the process of getting my home ready for Christmas. I've decided to go with a white tree this year. I really love the look of vintage ornaments hanging off a white tree. See here for more holiday ides on My Holiday Bucket list.

I didn't realize it when I put this outfit together, but almost all of the items were purchased over the past two years at Target. I am a Target clearance shopper. It seems like I find the best stuff when I'm dashing into the store for something quick - I just take a brief look around at all of the clearance isles and voila! The jacket, sweater, shoes and hat were all bought on clearance. Make sure you know your size when shopping - I'm not a fan of buying too large or too little just because it's marked down. If it doesn't fit - you won't wear it!

When you are shopping sales or clearance, it's good to stick with colors or patterns you already have in your closet. I don't pick up items and immediately know what I am going to wear with them, but because I tend to shop in the similar color schemes - it all kinda goes together. If it fits, I'll find a way to incorporate it into an outfit. I also don't take a lot of time when I am shopping. I either like it or I don't. If it's a question, I move on. Being decisive helps me not waste time, and frankly - I just make better decisions.

You can apply these same methods when you are thrift shopping or vintage shopping. It's all about knowing sizes and cuts that look good on you. Don't buy it just because it's on clearance. Make sure it's something you'll really wear and get a lot of use out of. You want to have a wardrobe that's cohesive and timeless!

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