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Mint & Velvet

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I love fresh flowers! They have been shown to produce positive feelings for people when they place them around their home. Over the years they are something I’ve strived to pick up every few weeks to add brightness and life into my home. Since I started traveling two summers ago, I let my beautiful dog (Paws) move in with my parents – only to find that they wouldn’t give her back! They say living creatures prolong the lives of their owners and since a dog is not as practical these days, I have to stick with plants.

I’ve been recently into gardening. I’ve started a small container garden with aloe, basil, and rosemary along with a few other easy to grow plants like African violets. My patio doesn’t get a ton of sunlight, so most of my plants are able to grow indoor or outdoor. This makes it really easy to grow all year round! When the cooler months hit, I just put them on the window sill and make sure they get enough water.

Growing a container garden is really easy. You can look for seeds (which take a few weeks to sprout) or if you have a friend with a green thumb, just get them to send you a few cuttings. This blg is a great resource for how to grow your own herbs from cuttings of other plants. It feels really good to see the plants thrive after a few months! Quite an accomplishment. 

As far as today’s outfit is concerned, I’ve had this velvet skirt for a really long time. Erin Fetherston is one of my favorite designers. She has a unique way of making pieces look modern, feminine and classic all at the same time. I love the ribbon detailing on it! I have a few other pieces I purchased a few years back that I’ll be wearing in my upcoming holiday posts, but wanted to show you another way to style a black skirt today. 

Velvet is a great fabric to wear during the holiday and winter months. If you go with a grade of velvet that is not too thick, it’s actually not overly warm. This skirt looks so luxurious and would be perfect with a simple turtleneck or embellished top for a holiday party. Today I decided to mix it with mint. Mint is a good alternative to typical Grinch green for Christmas. I like to wear different shades of green and red for the holidays. A deep merlot color or a soft mint (like this blouse) is perfect for being in the Christmas spirit, without looking like you popped out of a Santa’s workshop.

Speaking of Christmas, stay tuned this week for the Holiday Dress Guide! I have some exciting stuff boiling for affordable dresses of all shapes and sizes for those holiday gatherings.