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Walk the Dog

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This sweater…ah….what can I say? I. Love. Dogs. It is said that there are two types of people – dog lovers or cat lovers. I’m definitely a dog lover. I posted a similar sweater about 3 years ago on one of my Pinterest boards. It actually started as a DIY To Do, but I just never made it around to getting to it. Well, low and behold – here’s one already made and just waiting for me. Speaking of fun things - I'm releasing the very first Newsletter from Three Heel Clicks. You can sign up here! It will have all sorts of fun and festive tips! First up is a release on Thanksgiving Day tips to keep you sane and stylish.

I love the look of rain boots and tall socks. I’ve had this pair for years and really found that they are an asset to my winter wardrobe. They are perfect with an oversize button up on a chilly Saturday I spend in bed, reading and sippy hot cocoa. They also look great with skirts! I’ve worn them with tights for additional warmth under skirts and dresses alike. 


I originally found inspiration from one of my blogging idols, Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific (if only I could spend a day in her closet!). She really inspires me to think about different ways to layer for the Fall. I try not to copy any single person, since I want my style to feel unique and authentic, but I do draw inspiration from many places: eras, friends, designers, and Pinterest

I wore the skirt as a dress back in late summer here, but thought carefully about how I wanted to restyle it for the colder months. I also like the way it plays with the plaid print of the scarf. I love this classic scarf and would recommend making an investment in something plaid since it carries to every season. Although there is nothing really matchy about this outfit, it somehow all goes together. It’s classic, but with a playful twist. I think details can really bring an outfit together, here the sweater socks, pompom on the hat and a deep wine colored lip make all the difference.

I really love the look of a bold lip. Here I am wearing a combination of a wine colored lip liner as the base and a reddish lipstick on top. I really love wearing Younique's Moodstruck Lip Liner. The color is so rich and it stays on for a really long time! No joke, like 6 hours! I also like the quality of their Opulence Llipstick. The products are made with good quality and are natural based. Finding quality products with an ethics based foundation is extremely important to me! I support businesses who put their money where their mouth is.

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