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Rain Rain Go Away

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With all the rain we've had here in Houston, I finally gave into it! I was tired of being couped up and decided it was now or never! Over the past few months, I really learned to let go and just enjoy what comes my may. I've been such a control freak for years, it's been a nice change to let things happen in their own timing instead of forcing them. Today was no different. Sometimes, when life hands you rain drops you gotta get out and feel them on your face!

Making sure you are properly equipped for rainy weather starts with a pair of good rain boots and a sturdy umbrella. For years I lived in South Korea and it actually rains for almost an entire month there. They call it monsoon season - and I learned then a little rain doesn't hurt anyone. The key is to make sure you have a good head covering and forget straightening or curling that hair. Finding cute ways to wear your hair up is a game changer when it comes to rain, snow and other in climate conditions.

As mentioned in my post from yesterday - I've been styling a neckerchief over the past few weeks. My newest obsession is the red bandana. Here is another look with it! It really pops against an otherwise neutral outfit. Red lips were a must with this one! When it's so gray outside, it's not a bad idea to add a little color on your face. I'm not a fan of wearing heavy eye makeup on rainy days though, otherwise you may get runny mascara or eyeliner. Not the best look. But a strong lip is a good choice! It stays on and makes the whole outfit brighten up.

Lastly, a golf or bubble umbrella is my favorite style for rainy days. They are larger and seem to protect better. I really dislike having my purse half soaked when the umbrella can't cover it. The rain isn't so bad if you layer, add appropriate shoes and aren't worried about your hair frizzing or going flat. Remember, it's all about perspective! You attract what you put out into the world. Some days are easier than others, but if you learn to let go of control and really enjoy the moment you will find that life is a little easier... at least, that's what has been working for me. 

I've heard that "worry is fear magnified," and I couldn't agree more. Fear is such a destructing emotion. It can change so much about how you face your day. It changes how you react to something. It changes your entire perspective on approaching a situation. When I start to worry, I try to get to the root of it? Is it even something I can affect? Or am I just worrying about something out of my control? A little self-examination makes a big difference. If you are interested in reading more about how to change your negative thoughts into positive ones - read in this post about how I did it!

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