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The past few years I lived inside the city of Houston and really loved being in the energy of everything. Lately though, I've been really drawn to being out in nature. I stumbled upon a lovely place out in Cypress while I was trying to make my way to a park to go for a walk. It was breathtaking although it was cloudy, I still managed to see some beautiful pastures. My weekdays are always bustling with a job, a wonderful little one and many afterschool activities. Taking the time to enjoy the outdoors now that it's finally cooler is something I truly treasure. Don't get me wrong, I love being just a few minutes away from tasty restaurants and sweet little shops, but nothing compares to nature.

It's good for the soul to spend sometime away from computers, cell phones and just enjoy the simplicity of breezy mornings. I really like to talk long walks and Cypress is a lovely place to find winding trails and many parks. You have to hunt for them though, because the area is still developing - nothing is really labeled. Some of the best places I've stumbled upon were not found on TripAdvisor. You have to just get out and explore, which is exactly what today was all about.

I've been on the hunt for rain boots for quite some time. I'm not much of an online shopper - primarily because I love instant gratification, but couldn't find anything I really liked in stores. I wanted a pair that were in the shade of a blush or nude so I can wear them with navy or black. I've scoured the internet and found a few different ones (here, here and here), but settled on these! They offer 40% off for your first purchase and I took advantage. I couldn't have been happier!

If you live in a place that gets a lot of rain, invest in a good umbrella and some rain boots. They will save you from wet feet and hair. I also like to do braids on rainy days. Because my hair is wavy, it tends to look fuzzy when it rains or multiplies in volume. Today was no different. Instead of fighting with it, I just decided to give in and put it up. The halo braid is a pretty easy braid to do, but does take a little practice. I've pinned a few tutorials on Pinterest if you want to check them out. 

I really like how the braid evenly distributes the weight of my long hair, so my hair doesn't feel heavy like it does in a ponytail. Also, it stays all day without me having to rebraid. I end up with a sweet little up do without the result of having a headache. It does take a few tries to get it right, but practice goes a long way for this one! Let me know if you want tips on how to do one yourself. It also works really well if you have thick or coarse hair! 

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