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The weekends are for spending time outdoors. I've been under the weather, but I never let it stop me from a few minutes outside! I absolutely love to take time to get a breath of fresh air. We spend so much time inside staring at computer screens, watching TV (although I really don't), and go from one air-conditioned room to another... it's so good for the mind, body and soul to be in the great outdoors. 

I've been crushing on the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl's. It started off innocently enough when I hit up the Thanksgiving weekend sales for Christmas, baby shower gifts and a few other necessities. The next thing I know - I was in love. Although this was top was purchased on major clearance (I mean under $10) - I've found a few others similar from her current season here, here and here.  This blouse will be perfect with a pencil or even a full midi skirt and a pair of adorable heels (like these) or over a pair of sleek pants, tucked in with a belt. It's soft creamy color with a hint of peach allows my skin to glow and not look washed out.

For someone who spends so much time wearing color, my quest for adding neutral pieces has really proved to be balancing. I recently dropped a little weight (as a result of being vegan and getting a consistent 4-5 miles of walking in every single day). I was kind of forced to pick up a few things that were work appropriate and would fit. In the past 90 days I've dropped a full two sizes. It's funny, I wasn't trying to diet... I just wanted to be a healthier and happier person. It wasn't in one day, one week or even one month. I consistently made healthy choices. I consistently took a walk at lunch. I consistently avoided eating animal products. Days turned into weeks and weeks turn into months. The next thing I knew - I was wearing a size XS again. 

Although I was never really "fat," I did notice since I've lost a little weight I feel more energetic. Maybe it's the amount of vitamins that I've put into my body or maybe it's the way I've handled stress, but something changed since last summer and I'm going to keep it going. Now I really look forward to those walks, to the delicious healthy food I eat and for time to meditate on why I love living. For the first time in years I can truly say I am happy every single day. Not a faking it sort of happy, I'm excited to get out of bed and live my life every day happy. 

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