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With my parents living in Aggieland (AKA College Station, TX) I spend a lot of time driving between Houston and College Station. It's one of my favorite scenic drives with rolling hills and tons of farmland. College Station has a laid back feel and it's perfectly appropriate to bust out cowboy boots there. When I do visit, I usually opt for a more casual feel for my clothing. I try to pack simple and easy to wear items like a maxi skirt or a simple dress. 

A hat is almost always in order since it allows me to be a little lazier with my hair. Hats are something I never really wore up until about two years ago. Once I started, I couldn't stop! They add so much interest to an outfit and change an outfit's entire look. You do not have to spend a lot of money on them for them to look high quality - just watch out for construction and the proportions. I really like the way a floppy felt hat goes with this floral dress. 

This dress could easily be worn to work with a simple pair of black pumps, but for the weekend - flat over-the-knee boots and a leather cross body was in order. I've always been a purse kind of gal so that I carry my essentials, but do not want to be weighted down on the weekends. A classic brown leather cross body allows my hands to be free, but still have enough room to carry water, lip gloss, my wallet and cell phone. 

As much as I am such a city girl, I do like to spend time outdoors and being out in the country is a nice break from it all. I want to be comfortable, but stylish at the same time. Flat boots are the way to go with weekend wear. These compliment the merlot hat I'm wearing perfectly. I really like how this outfit isn't too matchy-matchy. The mix of black, merlot, white and cognac really make it feel laid back and efffortless - but cool at the same time.

This would make a great outfit if you are spending the day at a festival. The hat keeps the sun off your face, and the boots keep dirt off your legs. The length of the dress would be perfect for lounging on a blanket for a concert or lawn. I definitely plan on repeating this again!

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