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Red // Leopard

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The holidays are quickly approaching. I’m one of those people who get pretty excited about hearing Christmas music as soon as the Halloween decorations are taken down. I usually spend most of November getting my place ready for entertaining in December. Whether it’s a small dinner party or even just having a friend over – I like my place to feel warm and cozy. Tomorrow, I’m releasing the second edition of Heel Clicks Holiday Newsletter which will feature all sorts of easy décor projects. I’m a big believer in making things that are simple and quick. I’ve done projects that require all day baking in the past, and although they do give you a sense of accomplishment upon completion – it’s just not practical! If you register before midnight tonight, you’ll get all the details of how I made this Advent Calendar. You can register here or click on the right for other newsletter releases!


As Christmas and other holiday parties arise, you may want to have a few pre-planned holiday outfits ready to go. I’ll post a few options over the next few weeks for both Christmas and New Year’s, but for today’s look I went with a simple, classic look. Starting off, I decided to go with a classic red dress. This is completely office appropriate and the color is a bold cherry red. I like the playfulness of adding leopard print accessories for a fun twist. Red always pairs well with leopard – so does other shades of red like a salmon, burgundy or ballet pink. 

As far as jewelry was concerned, since I went with such a loud print for my accessories for my scarf and hat – I decided on a simple pair of large glittery studs. I have had these from Brighton Collectables for years, but found a few other options similar here and here. You could also go with these from the LC Lauren Conrad collection I wore last here. They are so delicate and pretty, but still a little fun!

A few other looks I’ve worn recently that are great for the holidays include this one and this one. Black is always a good go-to color for a dressy occasion, but both of these looks have a bit of a twist from a regular black dress. Or you could wear mint instead of the traditional green, as seen here. Whatever way you decide to go, have fun and lay out options in advance so you aren’t rushing around at the last second! I actually reserve my coat closet for upcoming outfits so I don’t have to search when I want to do something fun. Taking a few minutes to get organized can really save you a lot of trouble in the long run. 

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