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NYE 2016

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"Tomorrow is the first page of a 365 page book. Write a good one."

Here is the final post of the year and the final post fo my three part Get Ready for NYE 2016 series. You can see here how to do your own gel mani and here for some makeup inspiration. Today I wanted to give you a fun look with items I've owned for a while. I bought this dress back in 2014 (seen here), but wanted to transition it from summer weather to a winter feel. Adding a soft fur cropped jacket was perfect. To draw the silver tones of the brocade dress out, I grabbed my favorite pumps from Neiman Marcus and ta-da! I have a glam look. Since the jacket has a higher neckline, I thought an updo would be the most appropriate. I love to wear my hair in halo braid - it's comfortable and stays put all night.

I wanted the last post of 2015 to be something really special. Over the past 6 months, I've done so much research on creating better content. I've poured hours over learning about aperature, lighting, setting a scene and overall basic photography skills. Although, every post is what I would call a "learning experience," each photograph gets better as I continue to edit and tweak. I've had this concept for a shoot in my mind since I saw it here a few years back. It finally occurred to me - what better occasion to do this sort of pose than NYE? 

Creating a really great photograph goes beyond just clicking a button. There is so much involved in scene setting and I've only learned through trial and error. I think back to some of the pictures I thought were "good" and see how far the quality improved over the past few months. It's never perfect, but I truly enjoy creating and staging experiences. These were taken in my home, with two simple props - a comforter and wall divider. When photographing indoors, you still need really great light. I actually opened all windows and door so you can get natural lighting from the side. It's much more flattering than lighting from directly above.

I wanted to create the feel of something glamorus and love the mix of the soft peach against the fur texture of the jacket. When you do set up any sort of scene whether it's indoors or outdoors - think about the color palette. Sometimes, going for a strong contrast makes a striking picture. Other times, I like to work in a simple palette  and coordinate the background with the objects in the photograph. 

inally, poses. This is something I've derived inspiration from Pinterest and magazine ads for. Doing the same thing over and over really gets dull... "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Changing the angle of the camera, having your body sit verse standing and look for ways. My Photo Idea board has a bunch of inspiration ideas for upcoming photo shoots. I really plan to continue to elevate the content of the blog for 2016. On a final note, I wanted to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for following along through everything this year. See you in 2016! 


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