Three Heel Clicks

Pink // Blue

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Today is part 2 of a three day series where I show you how to style a basic crew neck sweater different ways. If you missed yesterday's post, you can check it out here where I wear it with a pair of leather leggings and some fun pumps! Today I went for a more feminine approach. This tulle skirt was one I've had a for a few years from Rodarte. I love how ethereal and feminine it is. Although it's no longer available, I found a few options that are similar here and here. I also really like this one from Rodarte.

I am constantly on the hunt for new color combinations. I follow a few bloggers on the regular and Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific posted the cutest combo on Instagram recently here. I've been wanting to bring this skirt out of hibernation, but wasn't sure until I saw her post what to do with it. The coolness of the pink and blue work well with one another. 

Although I wore this outfit with a pair of sky-high heels, you could easily wear this daytime with a pair of ballet flats or oxfords. I love to wear a good pair of statement shoes from time to time and these are a nice compliment to the dress coat I'm wearing. This one was originally bought from Express, but I like this one and this one, too!

Tomorrow I'm going to show one last way you can wear this sweater and add it over a maxi. I'm also planning on giving you an inspiration board for a weekend getaway. The combinations displayed this week would be perfect to pack in a carry on for New Years Weekend. Being able to wear a few things in different ways, let's you pack more and worry less. 

Speaking of inspiration... I wanted to share a few places I regularly seek inspiration from - although I follow many bloggers and artists on social media (mostly Pinterest and Instagram), I also draw a lot of inspiration from my day to day. I try to take new routes when I'm doing mundane activities like going to the office. Another thing I really enjoy is getting photo shoots in before I head to the office that day. Golden hour is a popular time to shoot for bloggers, but I've found you can get a similar effect early in the morning as the sun is rising. Plus, I always seem to look more refreshed first thing!

I also draw much of my inspiration from reading. Whether it's flipping through a few magazines or reading novels - I derrive so much of how I think from simple reading things in print. I'm a little old-fashioned in the fact that not everything published needs to be attached to an electronic device. Sometimes, it's nice to just power those things off and read something on the pages of a book or magazine. Where do you derrive your inspiration?