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Cozy Scarf

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Today I decided to wear this crew neck cobalt colored sweater (also seen here on Monday and here on Tuesday this week) over a longtime favorite maxi (last seen here). I originally bought the maxi in the summer a few years back, but found that they are great to transition to the cooler months. I’ll add a pair of oxfords, boots or ballet flats depending on the temperatures. This look was a little chilly in the morning, but the temperatures started to rise by mid day. Wearing a big cozy scarf can add the perfect amount of warmth without going overboard. Layering is the key to staying warm in the cool months.

I love to wear new color combinations. I’ve done pink and blue before, but this is the first time I’ve paired a hue that’s peachy with a bright blue. The results were fantastic! The warmth of the peach contrasted perfectly against the coolness of the blue. This combo will be in repeat mode as the summer months come to fruition.

Have you seen Pantone’s 2016 color of the year announcement? It’s rose quartz and serenity. I LOVE ROSE QUARTZ. I’ve had this tote now for a while and it’s my go to for so much! The sparkly finish seems to pair with silver or gold jewelry. I’ve also recently done my nails in this color! It’s perfect and works with neutrals, reds, or pinks. I love the versatility of rose gold. I am going to try some new color combos like marsala and rose quartz. 

This photo was taken on Sunday and I spent the morning getting some fresh air before a busy day was ahead. I am working on incorporating more meditation and downtime into my schedule. I am still a long way from being a master at practicing the art of nothing, but Rome wasn’t built overnight. I’ve found any time I’d like to make a lifestyle change I have to start with just 5-10 minutes. Then, repeat. Then, repeat and repeat. After a few weeks – it really becomes a practice. Read more about how I changed my thought perspective here and how I changed some of my eating and sleeping habits. 

You can have a healthier lifestyle – one day at a time. I only live sun up to sun down. Buddha once said, “Each day we are reborn.” As I get older, I really believe that. We have the opportunity to recreate ourselves every morning when we rise. With the holidays, a new year around the corner and our constant world of wanting more – it’s easy to get consumed in a world of never having enough or never being enough. I’ve found the grass is usually not greener on the other side. It’s the now that matters the most. Living in today – not tomorrow, and not yesterday. It’s the right now that counts. I try to remember that this moment is just as important as the last one and the next one. Reveling in today makes life just a little bit sweeter.

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