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I Heart Springtime

fashionCrystal JacksonComment
floral fun 2.jpg

Dress: Random Boutique. Shoes: Mia (old, similar tan ones here, sandal version here). Purse: Ipsy Glam Bag.

I love Spring! It's probably my favorite season. When I was in college, I remember walking to classes in Huntsville, TX. All of the wisteria, azaleas and roses are in full bloom this time of year. Color is around every corning. It's the same way in the neighborhood I live in now called The Heights in Houston, TX. The houses are charming and the flowers are beautiful. Another thing I found, was a honeysuckle wall the other day. When I was a kid, my grandparents had the plant line the back of one of their fences. I can remember sneaking out of the house with my cousins to taste the fragrant and sweet flowers.

When I walked by this wall the other day, it immediately took me back to that place in time. I decided today to wear a floral dress with an exposed pink zipper. I picked this one up at a random boutique, but included a few other options that are similar here and here. I decided bright peachy shoes and a striped bag would be perfect for today. I recently subscribed to Ipsy - a beauty subscription service where for just $10 I get a makeup bag filled with goodies every month. I liked this one so much I decided to wear it out. Do you subscribe to any subscription services? If so, who do you use?