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Color Inspiration: Flamingo Pink and Orange

fashionCrystal JacksonComment

Pink & Orange Two-Toned Bag // Wallet // Sequin Dress // Floppy Hat // Swimsuit // Tumbler // Baroque Dress // Flamingo Bag // iPhone Case

As summer approaches and the temperatures are rising, I am in love with Flamingo shades of pink and orange. I put together this round up after seeing the purse at the very top from one of my favorite European companies, George Gina & Lucy. I purchased my first one back on a study abroad at the end of college. I've worn it with countless outfits over the years and really like that their items are sort of utilitarian. Usually I lean toward anything feminine, but the hardware on each back is just something else!

Some of the other items I found above are perfect for a summer weekend getaway. I love the idea of putting two colors so close on the color wheel together. If you are wearing a color combination this bold, make sure you neutralize it with a black, tan or white really makes this look crisp. Several of the items on the round up board are less than $100 including the tumbler (which would be great at the pool), hat, and makeup bag. It's a hot combination and I can't wait to put some of this together for my next summer adventure.