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Neon // Stripe

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Dress: Target. Shirt: Old Navy. Flats: Jessica Simpson. Purse: Gina, George & Lucy (another version here). Glasses: Ross Find (similar here).

They finally finished building out an entrance onto the bayou that runs behind my house. I've been waiting since I moved in to be able to walk along the waterway and off the street that runs nearby. It's so much safer being on a trail and I missed the days I spent near the energy corridor and Terry Hershey park. I used to walk 4-6 miles several times a week and I would love to replicate those habits over here in The Heights. This bridge over looks the Houston Downtown skyline. The walkway was built over an old railroad line.

This is one of those outfits that you find after scouring your wardrobe. You are looking for something comfortable, but want to make it appropriate for everyone else on a Saturday to still see you out in public. I through an comfortable striped tee over a cotton dress. Ballet flats are a staple in my closet. I wear them almost daily if I am running errands or even going on a short walk.

ballet 1.jpg