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DIY: Pack Yourself for a Weekend Getaway

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So every woman wants to look fabulous on vacation, but the headache of packing puts me off every time. I like to think I'm a little organized. I make lists, take pictures and build my wardrobe around three principles:

  1. Simple: I cannot stress this idea enough. Pick classics when you travel. This post was all about going to the Deep South. Shirt dresses, hats, and espadrilles were staples. Another thing which has been really hard for me, but just come to accept it - PACK FEWER SHOES. Whatever you put into your bag, subtract one.
  2. Color Scheme: This is probably what keeps my suitcase from overflowing. Pick 2-3 classic colors and 1-2 accent colors. For this weekend - I did black, white and coral. My nails were coral, I had a coral tote and maxi for color and basically everything else was black or white. This helps so much! Your make up, accessories and shoes will fall in line if you chose a specific color scheme. I follow one of two rules. If I am on a 2 day vacay - I do 2 neutrals and 1 bright. If I am working on a 4-5 day trip, I do 3 neutrals and 2 brights. You can mix and match and everything works!
  3. Write Everything Down: Also, take pictures! I prefer list making, but use your cell to snap your outfits. That way, you know everything looks great when you arrive and there is little thinking.

For this weekend's packing list I brought:

  • Black Shorts from Old Navy
  • Silk Tank from Ann Taylor Loft
  • Wedges from Target
  • Purse from Steve Madden

Outfit 2

  • Swimsuit from OP
  • Shorts from Old Navy
  • Shirt from Target
  • Wedges from Target
  • Hat from Panama Jack

Outfit 3

  • Shirtdress from Anthropologie
  • Wedges from Target
  • Hat from Panama Jack

Please email me for any questions! I really love hearing feedback from you guys!