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Dress: Converse (similar here). Wedges: Target. Hat: Panama Jack. Purse: Michael Kors.

Something that really bothers me about fashion blogging is that it is filled with items very few can actually afford. You will not find that here. I like to purchase good quality, but I'm not really a name brand gal or the type of person to shell out more on a purse than my rent... just sayin'. I  hope that my readers find me relevant and responsible. Yes, we can all dream of a closet filled with Manolo Blahniks, but is that realistic? No.

This dress was picked up at Target 2 years ago. I know! Time flies. I love, love, love the way the wind blows it. I've worn it several times and today it was put over a red bikini. Lots of my friends wonder how I find such good steals at Target. I have to tell you, after living in Asia (where dressing rooms just don't exist) you get skilled at finding silhouettes that compliment your figure. This is a perfect example. I rarely try on items in a dressing room. Crazy huh? But, I've found nine times out of ten I am extremely accurate on my selections. Figure out what cuts look best. Most sizing is within 2 sizes, so know your size! Also, you can always take something back if it doesn't fit! Don't waste time in the dressing room unless it's jeans (you must always try these on - no matter what) or an item you wouldn't normally wear.