Three Heel Clicks

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fashionCrystal JacksonComment

As the summer ends, so do the endless sundresses, sun hats and sandals.When you live in a warm climate, these items take up at least 70% of your wardrobe, but as school starts and the seasons "theoretically change" you realize that it's time to change from those straw hats and totes to something a little more substantial.

Being a Texas gal, (not by birth, but I've lived in this state more than any geographic setting)... I've noticed there is a place for hats! Yes! I'll be posting some other stuff soon without hats, but they are just so practical when the temps are soaring into 100 degrees. They keep the sun off my face and the wind in my hair.

You may have also noticed that it's been a while since I wore my hair in soft curls... Well, it's tough when the humidity is over 100%. I have naturally curly that turns waavy when it's long. I love to wear hats because it's an easy and quick way to tame all of this hair.

Dress: Target // Hat: Old Navy // Purse: Michael Kors Shoes: DSW Find (similar here)