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fashionCrystal JacksonComment

The simple life... ah, I love Sundays like this. This was taken last weekend where my daughter and I decided to take a stroll in a park. There was this charming little creek and I knew it was a must to get a few shots in. I loved the way this blue dress floats in the wind. The fabric moves effortlessly, but still looks so refined. This is ANOTHER target find. Yes, on clearance. I have a rule about Target, I can only buy things on clearance if it's a wardrobe item. It's proved that I found great pieces for very little.

When it comes to silhouettes as loose as this, I think it's important to incorporate structure. The purse, shoes and even hat add an element of sophistication. A panama hat is almost like a wide brimmed fedora. I picked this one up early in the summer and it's been a staple for many outfits over the past few weeks. Hats were something that for the longest time I really stayed away from... but as I get older, I've realized a simple change of the hat can make or break an outfit.

Dress: Target. Flats: Sam Moon. Hat: Panama Jack. Purse: Danielle-Nicole