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Makeup Essentials

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So let's talk about the basics. As much as I could spend all day playing with makeup - lips, cheeks, eyes and the multitude of glitter produces (I'm not afraid of looking like a disco ball...) - at the end of the day I have my go to products.

1. BB Cream - These products first launched in Asia. They are considered an all-in-one. Oftentimes, they are concealer (CC Creams), moisturizers, correctors, balms and have about 7 other purposes. I've really grown to love them since they are lightweight, natural looking and above all - they don't irritate my skin. (I've mentioned a constant battle with my skin over the past few years here). Here is one of my favorite BB creams made out of natural products!

2. Lashes - Whether you are an eye makeup person or not, you should invest in a good mascara. First of all, it's most likely going to touch your eyeball. No matter how good you apply the product, it can flake or you can accidentally poke your eye. I found that certain mascaras actually make my eyes bloodshot looking if I put them on. I've found that my absolute favorite product (HANDS DOWN) is 3D Fiber Lashes. They lengthen, allow you to build layers and add volume. Plus, unlike going to a lash studio - it's instant!

3. Lip Gloss -  A good lip gloss goes a long way. You want something that moisturizes that pucker but isn't sticky. A little bit of pigment, but nothing that turns your lips orange or hot pink. Here is a natural based lip gloss that I wear almost every day. I really love the color LUXE.

Whether you are running errands or you are walking your dog, these three items will make it through the day - they are long lasting and really make a difference! By the way, if you purchase anything from the links above, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.