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Dress: Forever 21 (last seen here) // Tote: Betsey Johnson - no longer available but this one is almost identical (seen here, here and here) // Loafers: Dollhouse (see below for more) // Sunnies: Random (another pair here) // Belt: Anthropologie (similar here and here)

Over the past week I've been scouring my favorite blogs for Fashion Week Inspiration. One of the things I haven't put as much thought into over the past month or two has been hair styling. Many of the bloggers I deeply admire are sponsored by companies who make a variety of hair care and beauty products. During Fashion Week - they are lucky enough to be on the inside and work with creative professionals. Although I am no stylist (despite the fact that I cut and color my hair myself -- more posts to come on this subject), I do want to experiment with more looks around my hair.

Today I decided to venture out and do a messy half up/half down look. I've done a few other looks earlier in the summer, like a halo braid (which is so much easier than you would think!) - but today I wanted my hair off my face. Since I have very thick, heavy hair wearing it up can give me headaches -- anyone relate?! Here's how I did this look.

Step 1 - Brush hair out using a wide tooth comb. I have a lot of texture in my hair and do not need to add a texturizer. However, if you have straight or smoother hair - I would recommend adding a product to boost the volume and give it more texture. Also, do not try to to do an up-do if you just washed your hair. Dirty hair is easier to work with because it gives more hold.

Step 2 - Part your hair to the side and start to reverse french braid down each side securing with several bobby pins. I added about 10-12 and criss-crossed them to hold into place.

Step 3: Next take a 1.5 inch curling iron and 1 inch sections of hair. Curl away from your face, then curl towards your face. Alternate all the way around your head.

Step 4: Finish with hair spray. I like to use this one from Aussie since it smells good and holds most of the day.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Shop the post below!