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Spanish Moss

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I love the way spanish moss grows on trees. You can't really see it during Spring, Summer or even Fall - but come Winter and it's beautiful.  It just hangs off the limbs of the tree with a gray gleam when the sun shines over it. It almost looks like the trees have a beautiful silver lining.

The book of Ecclesiastes talks about there is a time and season for everything. Learning to appreciate Winter as much a Summer requires a different level of maturity in life. Life doesn't come on a silver platter, but there's always a silver lining to every cloud. There are times in life where things come easy and times of challenge. The biggest change in my life over the past few months has been perspective, just because it's Winter doesn't mean you can't find joy.

It takes a level of mental and emotional discipline to be able to see the good when things feel bad. But day over day, week over week, month over month... things change. Nothing in life is really ever static. Once you accept that it's constantly evolving... it gets easier.

Today I took sometime at lunch to admire the blue sky, spanish moss and cool breeze. My floppy felt has was perfect to shield from the bright sun, and boots protected my legs as I stomped up and over hills. It was such a beautiful day to spend outside. 

I decided a pop of buttercup yellow would add a fresh touch to an otherwise neutral outfit. The combo is classic with a side of boho. Structured but carefree. I love the way this fit-n-flare dress is not too tight, and somewhat modest. It's comfy for walks, but office appropriate. It will be perfect later in the Spring with strappy sandals and crisp white. 

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