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How To: Pack for the Weekend

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I love to travel. Growing up we moved every 2 years on average since my dad was in the Army. Although when I was younger it was sometimes hard, I look back and couldn't be more grateful for that experience. I was lucky enough to see new places, meet new people and was exposed to cultures outside of the United States.

I still travel frequently, and prefer to travel with less as opposed to more. I've found that if I lay my outfits out in advance - it creates a lot less headache. Usually, I clear off a cleans spot on my bed or floor and lay everything out. That way I pack in full outfits. I've also found that picking a color palette can really help decrease the amount of items.

When I go away for the weekend, I usually pack everything in a weekend bag and a tote. I try to bring a few pairs of shoes - rain boots, 1 dressy and a pair of flats. I also bring limited jewelry and a crossbody or clutch since they pack so small. 

This duffel bag is my favorite weekend bag. I love the fun polka dots and it's just the right size. I can slide several pairs of shoes, purses, and outfits. I usually reserve my tote for my makeup essentials and laptop.

Here's a list of what I usually pack:

  1. Shoes - 3 pairs ( 1 outdoor like rain boots, 1 flats, 1 heel)
  2. Bags - 3 (duffel, tote, cross body or a clutch)
  3. Jewelry - 1 pair of earrings
  4. Pants - 2 pairs (jeans and leggings)
  5. Tops - 4 (1 button up, cardigan, tank and long-sleeve tunic)
  6. Dresses - At least 1 
  7. Undergarments - socks, undies and bras (usually 4 of each)
  8. Toiletries, makeup, curling iron/straightener 

Remember the KISS principle and keep everything in the same color palette! I'll be posting more on this subject in the coming stay tuned!

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