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Bold Red

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It's been a while since I posted a true "office" outfit. Truthfully, because I don't have to do as much customer face to face as I used to, I don't dress in business professional every day. Don't get me wrong, it's not a place to show up in sweat pants or anything you would wear to yoga... but it is a little more relaxed than many of my previous places of employment.

I really love the combination of a poppy red and soft gray. The gray plays so nicely with the brightness of the red. It's okay to wear a bold color to work, but if you do balance it with a looser fitted silouette. Also, a shrunken blazer is the perfect proportion. I bought this one forever ago (I mean... probably 10 years ago when I visited NYC) at an HM. It's really held up over time. It's lined with a cute polka dot fabric. What I like the most is that it's a little cropped. You can get the same effect by buying a boys blazer. I've curated a selection if shop at the bottom of this post.

Instead of being really matchy-matchy on the shoe, I went with a nude to elongate the leg. A low sleek bun was the perfect touch for a professional look. Also, notice I kept the other accessories simple. The dress is loud enough, so by add simple earrings and a structured satchel it was a perfection combo. A little swipe of a red lip kept my neutral makeup from being over done. I wore my favorite foundation, mascara and no blush.

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