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Black on Black

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My weekends are all about doing the things I absolutely love. I try to make sure I get the things I have to do done, but I also build time in for projects I want to do. I call it soul time. I don't know about you, but taking care of my body and mind seem to oftentimes be automatic... but my soul... well, there is a little more effort needed to put be forth there. 

One of my favorite weekend activities is to spend time watching the sunrise or sunset. I find staring into the vast quiet beauty of all of the colors meshing together gives my soul a little breath of fresh air. I also take time to cook meals from scratch, stock up for the week for lunches and get a few things in order around my home.

On the weekends I like to be comfortable, but still look chic. You can't really go wrong with black. A loose fitted tee and skinny black pants are perfect with loafers or a pair of statement heels. It was really windy the day these were taken, so I threw on a floppy felt hat and added shoulder strap to one of my favorite bags. The outfit was pulled together, but relaxed. A pair of flat boots would look great with this, too!

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