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I've been waiting a while to pull this one out. I'm in love with this jumpsuit. Outside of dresses, jumpsuits are my go-to when I'm not sure what to put on. They are effortlessly chic and really make a big impact. This one was a clearance find months ago. I hadn't found the right occasion to pull it out until I was in Montrose this past weekend. It's funny, although I always dress in "my style," depending on where I am in the city will dictate what I choose to put on. 

Oftentimes on the weekends, I'm out where I live in Cypress. I usually reserve all things casual and comfy for my long hikes, walks and outdoor activities. Because it's on the outskirts of Houston - people would look at me a little funny if I went somewhere in a getup as loud as this one. I pay more attention to matching my outfit to the surroundings. When I'm in an area that has a more laid back feel, I try to take advantage of it.

Montrose is a fun area of Houston with brightly painted walls, murals on the sides of buildings and a cool "art" vibe. I really like how this is a sort of updated 70's look. The pants have a billowy silouette and a lot of movement when I walk. Because they are on the long side (so often pants are...) I chose to wear them with a tall platform wedge instead of getting them tailored. 

I threw on a checked cardigan (here) to give it a little more structure. The bag is probably one of my all time favorite pieces in my closet. I picked it up from a European company called Gina-George-Lucy when I was on a study abroad almost a decade ago. The company is still in existence and has a signature grappling hook on their items.

A floppy felt hat and big dangling earrings were the perfect touches on this. I think this is a good look to wear if you are headed to a resort over Spring Break or over the summer. Personally, I plan on adding a boater hat to my collection this year and it will be perfect with this jumpsuit.

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