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Vintage Victorian

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Although I've always been a vintage lover, lately I feel the need to incorporate more into my blogging. One of the biggest reasons I buy vintage is the quality vs price. I can find better made things in my budget when I scour the racks of small shops. Don't get me wrong, I'm known to find things at flea markets, yard sales and charity stores... but my favorite finds usually come from a curated store. Here in Houston we are lucky to have such a plethora of options. 

Recently, I found a several shops on Westheimer in Montrose. Montrose is a very bright and vibrant part of the city. As I constantly try to source new places to find coffee, clothes and parks... I stumbled upon Lo-Fi. It's an eclectic mix of masculine and feminine pieces. They recently open the women's area just 3 weeks ago! It was fate. I picked up two items for a steal and this dress was one of them.

It's a traditional 1930's style nightgown. Finding updated ways to wear classic pieces is a challenge I love undertaking. I quickly realized this would look perfect with a few bohemian pieces I already owned. Sure enough... as soon as I put the ensemble together the dress metamorphed into something completely unexpected. I love the high neck victorian collar with the platform leather sandals. It's a fun way to mix the two looks to create something really unique.

Although this is a one of kind dress, I've found a few pieces below that are similar in structure. You can wear one of the tops with a maxi skirt for a similar look. Add a floppy hat and a leather cross-body to get the same feel.

You'll probably see this piece later in the year since I plan on wear it over a swimsuit. It's sheer gauzy fabric would be perfect for a resort style look and I'd wear the collar undone to make it more relaxed. It would also be fun to shorted this for a tunic style... Oh, the possibilities and since it came in at about $10...who could argue with a little tailoring?

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