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Pastels in the Office

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Lately I've really been into pastels. Don't get me wrong... I love a bright, bold color - but the past couple weeks of posts have been all about easter egg and cotton candy colors. Pastels have such a fresh feel to me. In the Winter, my skin is extremely pale since I don't get as much time in the bright sun. I found that pastels seem to compliment the peach undertones of the lighter shades of my skintone. 

I've been excited to post more about Office Style (last mentioned here). I think it's easy to get into a rut wearing the same neutrals every day to work. Although they have their place, it's perfectly appropriate to wear a few fun color combos when you see fit. For instance, if I'm not meeting a client face to face an outfit like today's is great to keep things looking fresh and fun.

Mint works so well with soft peaches and soft grays. You know, I never thought I would be much of a gray person since the color washes me out... but if I add a pop of pastel or a warm peach with it - it takes on a whole new feeling. Pastels are great during the second half of Winter and transition nicely to Spring. Since Pantone announced their Fashion Report - I noticed there are several colors I really love like Serenity, Rose Quartz, Limpet Shell and Lilac Gray. You'll see these popping up all over the runway in the coming weeks as we approach NY Fashion Week. Although I haven't been able to attend - I do pay attention and virtually key into many of the lines, pieces and looks.

I use Fashion Week as a source of inspiration. Style for me is all about have a point of view. My point of view includes classic shapes, a wide spectrum of color, with preppy and boho undertones. I love to mix pieces, but at the end of the day everything comes back to a sort of girly touch. Dresses and skirts are a main staple and I add delicate pieces of jewelry here and there. I think fashion is what's reported on the runway and style is something you have to exude yourself. That's a big reason vintage and boutique pieces are a part of my wardrobe. I hope as we embark upon a new year together you find this blog to be a source of inspiration for your style and help you develop your own aesthetic.

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