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5 Ways to Get Yourself Organized

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I have to admit... I wasn't always the best about this topic. There was a time when I was a new Mom, full time employee and my family constantly was on the go. It was harder then to be organized and I'm one of those people who really need it. I've found a few things over the past year has helped me so much and I wanted to share them with you.

  1. Write it down - Whatever you want to become, or however you want your house to look like... put your thoughts on paper. There's something powerful in being able to see it in writing. For me, it starts with my goals every day. Whatever those goals are... I prioritize three things and make sure those three things happen no matter what. I also put my long term goals on paper. This year I'm working on learning how to code, creating more video content for the blog and getting at least one design post up every month. Putting my thoughts on paper make it somehow more real.
  2. Remind yourself - I love tasks and reminders on my phone. I use my cell every day and that way it's always in front of me. I've also been known to scribble something really important on my hand (yes, like in seventh grade). My daughter oftentimes points this out, but it works for me and I don't forget things. If you need a list by the front door so that everytime you leave you make sure you don't forget a few things... tape one on the door. Frame it and hang one if you have to! Do what makes sense and works for you.
  3. A load every day - I do my dishes and one load of laundry (if there is any) almost every day. It keeps things from piling up. I remind myself when I don't want to do it, that it's not going away by itself... it will only get worse. I reward myself with chocolate when it's completed. (Dark chocolate with sea salt to be exact). Clutter can be added to this list  by making sure you clear off main surfaces and have your kids pick up toys. Remember, a little can go a long way and keep you from going insane.
  4. Set a timer - For anything I don't want to do, or when my daughter doesn't feel like helping we set a timer and race to finish. I even apply this to clearing out my email inbox at work. I tell myself I only have to do something for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. There is a theory that work expands to fit time. I believe this is true. When you set boundaries, a daunting task becomes a game. I'm also pretty competitive, so if that timer goes on I feel like I have to finish.
  5. Do what works for you - I like to plan my outfits the day before. I don't rush around trying to get my clothes and my kid's clothes together when they are laying out. I also prepare whatever we are going to eat for lunch and make sure my keys, laptop and wallet are located for the next morning. Although I don't usually have an issuing getting up in the morning, I like to keep chaos at bay and enjoy time with my kid before we head to work and school. The only way that happens, is to take 5 minutes and prepare the night before.

Everyone is different, but these things really worked over the past 6 months for me. I'm not in a frantic state when I am getting ready and usually on time in the mornings. I've found that procrastination is really my biggest enemy, so when I'm tired I set my timer and just get it done so I don't have to worry later. No longer do I have looming deadlines eating away at my time. A little preparation and household management can go a long way in the big picture. What are some of the ways you stay organized?