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Blush // Gold

StyleCrystal JacksonComment

Blush is probably my favorite color. It's even my the color of my bedding. If I could paint my entire apartment in one color, it would be blush. Part of it stems from the 16 years of ballet lessons and constant requirement to wear pink. I've never grown tired of it and brings a feeling of familiarity and warmth. It's soft, beautiful and really has become a neutral color in my closet. 

I love the look of a midi length skirt and decided to wear it with my blush blazer and touches of gold. I'm one of those people that keep things in my closet for a long time. One of my favorite brands is Coach - they've been a part of my wardrobe for nearly a decade and last a really long time.  I love the texture, the shape and its size. 

When you have to get dressed up for work you can still make it fun by giving a work outfit a twist. I replaced a traditional pencil skirt with a tulle material here. My top also has a subtle metallic thread to it, giving it a simple sheen without being too loud. I mimicked the same gold in one of my favorite totes. I actually wore a pair of cap toe pumps for part of the day and switched to strappy sandals later that afternoon.

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