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Floral Romper

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Effortless is how I would describe this look. This one from LC Lauren Conrad's collection was actually purchased through one of Kohl's amazing sales with Kohl's cash. I purchased a few Christmas gifts from Kohl's over Thanksgiving and the result was this and an adorable dress seen here. I really have fallen in love with what Lauren Conrad has produced lately. Her clothes are whimsical, feminine and beautiful. The color palette includes soft neutrals with a mix of pastels. 

Houston has some beautiful courtyards throughout the city. I posted some pictures back in the Fall of the Galleria and one of the classical gardens, but here is another example of a few gems found downtown. One of the things blogging has really forced me to do is to look for new spots to visit. I purposefully seek out new scenes, parks and restaurants to share on my blog. 

As much as I love Winter, it's refreshing sometimes that Houston gets such warm weather all year round. Yes, we do pull out our coats for a few weeks a year, but most of the year you do not need a heavy jacket. I thought this outfit would make some nice inspiration for Spring this year. 

I'm so happy platform sandals are back. Being that I barely clear five feet tall, it's nice to get a little height. I like the color of these and plan to wear them later in the year with full skirts for a more ladylike look. Today though, I went super casual and wore with my classic Michael Kors crossbody.

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