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Red // White

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Dress: Calvin Klein // Shoes: Jessica Simpson // Scarf: Random (similar here) // Purse: Isabella (similar here and here) // Lips: Stila

Fall can be a little tricky when you live in a warmer climate. On one hand - you really want to trot around in layers and pull out all your cold weather clothes. On the other hand, it's too hot to actually doing that. That's exactly how I felt today as temperatures soared to a humid high 80s. So, what's a girl to do? The best thing I've come up with is sporting a few Fall colors like red, aubergine, eggplant, pumpkin or harvest gold. 

A red dress is such a classic choice. I bought this one a few seasons ago and it's proved to be one of my favorite work and Sunday church dresses. I love the high neckline and the fluted hemline. I decided it would be perfect with a pop of white shoes and simple embroidered scarf. Sometimes, a few accessory changes can give an outfit a face lift. I'd rather buy pieces (or make lately) that I'll keep for a long time than having a disposable wardrobe. I think it's a more responsible thing to do and really allows you to buy good quality.

Outside of comfort, my number one priority in purchasing anything for my closet is quality. Buying things made out of good fabric and a good cut makes me much more likely to keep it around. Plus, with being petite, clothing oftentimes doesn't fit appropriately. So when I do find something, I get pretty attached. The last thing I want is to do is have to worrying about replacing it. Fabrics like silk, cotton and wool hold up so much better over time and they are much more breathable. Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday!

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