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Golden Sunset

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Poncho: Old Navy // Jeans: Old Navy // Loafers: Coach (new version here) // Sunnies: Nine West

Fall, fall, fall. That's all I feel lately - leaves are starting to change and it's getting (a little) cooler each night. The sun is setting earlier and earlier (which has made it much easier for me to squeeze in pictures during golden hour). Lately I've been playing with back lit photography. This is an angle I haven't had as much experience with in the past. Probably the biggest reason I've developed this blog was to learn more about photography. Creating content on a regular basis pushes me to find ways to capture images, shapes, forms, light and color schemes. Lately, I've been all about golden hour.

If you are looking to take better photographs, this is the easiest time of the day to capture good lighting. It happens about an hour after the sun rises and the hour before the sun sets. I've found that good lighting can make a picture despite the type of camera you have. Learning your camera setting is also key to taking a really great photograph. 

Patience and repetition helps! The more photographs you take, edit and publish - the better you will get over time. My eyes pick out flaws quickly now. Not to say that there isn't room for improvement (we can always improve), but as you take more pictures you will notice subtle differences and improvement naturally follows. Trying new things helps! From backgrounds to angles... experiment and be patient with yourself. 

I've been on a crazy plaid kick for the past few weeks. I love gingham and stripes, but for Fall and Winter - plaid is my number one. This cape is so cozy and doubles as a blanket almost. I plan on wearing it the next time I jump on a flight. I also really like the warm colors in the over sized pattern. It's cozy, yet light weight enough for an October in Houston. I paired it with deep eggplant jeans and simple cognac loafers. Loafers are another Fall shoe I really like in place of my usual sandal or ballet flat. 

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