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Travel Style: Let's Go Camping

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Jacket: Patagonia // Striped Shirt: Who What Wear // Plaid Shirt: Marshall's // Boots: Hunter // Hat: Target // Socks: American Apparel // Jeans: Old Navy

Heading to camp soon? Whether you are tent camping or cabin renting, packing for a camping trip must be efficient and you have to be fully prepared. Honestly, it can be a little overwhelming. What do you bring verses leave at home? You want to have enough layers without bringing along multiple bags. Let’s take a look at a few basic strategies for packing for a weekend in the woods:

What To Pack

  1. Color Scheme – Narrowing down what you will bring begins with picking a few colors and sticking to it. This past weekend, I decided to wear red, black, and navy. When things go together, it’s easier to mix and match your outfits.

  2. Comfort Rules – Make sure your jeans are stretchy and your outfits are climate appropriate. No one can look comfortable if they are too hot or too cold. Wear breathable materials – cotton is perfect for camping! Packing things like a relaxed button up or crew neck t-shirts are some of the comfiest choices. Jeans are easy too if they are stretchy enough.

  3. Appropriate Shoes – I cannot stress this one enough. Shoes are the key to a good time vs. a bad time. My Hunter Rain Boots are probably one of my favorite things I own. I talk more about why I made the investment in this post, but they are extremely comfortable and weather proof. If you are planning on hiking, picking up a pair of hiking boots also make a big difference in comfort. Hiking boots are lightweight and if you go with a pair of high-tops they stabilize your ankles on rocky terrain. I also recommend bringing a pair of flip flops for showering or quick bathroom runs.

  4. Lay Out Your Outfits in Advance – The best way to be prepared for any trip is to lay out your outfits. You can make sure things match and you can easily see exactly what you need. I think it prevents me from throwing a bunch of last minute items in that I don’t really need and won’t really use.

  5. Layers – Bring layers. For cooler weather a puffy vest and two jackets are enough – one heavy and one lighter. Long sleeve t-shirts can be layered under a sweater, button up and jacket for additional warmth. Hats are a must – whether it’s a baseball cap or beanie, a hat is practical and another element for being comfortable. Lastly, I like a pair of legwarmers or sweaters socks to layer underneath my boots. They are really comfortable and snuggly over my jeans and not too bulky!

You don’t have to look like a mess (or feel like one) when you are outdoors. Pick a color that looks great on you! If you prefer a pop of red or yellow, add it! If you are into earth tones and neutrals, go with olive or camel. Color makes such a difference and if you come prepared, you can spend the weekend sitting around a campfire comfortable and cute.