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A Winter Wonderland

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Top: Knox Rose // Skirt: Target // Belt: Random // Purse: Isabelle

This past weekend my daughter and I picked up our Christmas Tree. We were originally planning on heading to a tree farm to cut our own tree down, but given unforeseen circumstances – it just wasn’t in our cards and the weather was looking pretty dreary. Instead, we headed over to Houston Garden Centers to pick out our tree. It wasn’t too far from our home and I figured it would be a good way for us to get the tree home given the poor weather.  It turned out to be a really practical and fun decision. We had our tree home before it started to downpour and spent the evening hanging ornaments and drinking hot chocolate.

After spending time at home getting our place in the Christmas spirit, we decided to finish the weekend with a performance of Houston Ballet's The Nutcracker performance at Wortham Theater. We both put on sparkly dresses and headed downtown to watch the beautiful show. I'll share more about this experience and the dress that I wore in an upcoming post. The weekend was full of holiday traditions and making memories.

I pulled out a few of my favorite red and pink pieces for today’s look. Over the weekend I wrote a little here about wearing non-conventional-yet-still-holiday-like colors. Today’s outfit falls right into that theme. Red is one of my favorite colors to wear and adding a touch of pink makes it all the prettier. Pink and red seem to work really nicely together given that they are basically the same color with different amounts of white added to it. In art and design there are three terms involving color – hue, tint and shade. A hue is the actual color (red, green, blue, etc) while tint and shade involve the amount of white or black added to the hue.  Pink is the same hue as red, but a lighter tint with more white added. When mixing the two in an outfit, juxtapose a cherry with a carnation color pink (this post is a good example) or a rose gold with a deep burgundy (see here).

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