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Rule Number One: There Are No Rules

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Sweater: Old Navy // Skirt: Target (old) // Boots: Dolce Vita for Target // Purse: Street Level

You can wear black and brown. I repeat - You can wear black and brown. You can also wear black and navy. And white after Labor Day and pretty much whatever you want. That’s the reason I love developing style - I can choose whatever I feel like wearing. If I feel like a ballerina skirt on a Monday, so be it. If I feel like sequin sweatpants on a Saturday, it’s in the cards. I can wear whatever and whenever I want to wear it.

There is only one rule to developing your own style: There are no rules. Wear what you like and have it fit (even the second one is negotiable). That’s the thing we forget about - I have the option to wear anything. I wake up in the morning and usually put on clothes, (hopefully) if I’m going somewhere. Although I try to dress for the occasion, sometimes I just feel like being over the top. Sometimes I wake up and think - well, it’s a tinkerbell-sort-of-day. I’m not kidding. This actually goes across my mind. Other days, I’ll think - maybe it’ll be a where-in-the-world-is-carmen-sandiego-sort-of-day. And then there’s the occasional I’ll be a I-go-to-my-real-job-as-a-business-woman-day. But no matter what, it’s always a choice.

I’m bringing this up today because style bloggers (including myself) can get a little carried away with trying to look perfect. Trying to be aesthetically pleasing all the time is mentally exhausting. I have those days. I have those entire weekends. I’ve even had full weeks where the thought of being put in front of a camera is a complete nightmare and I’m unmotivated to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging. I truly do. That’s why I keep doing it. But anything can be overwhelming.

I enjoy the process, the creation of content, the photography, the set, styling and editing. I love seeing it all come to life when I click “publish” (a rush of adrenaline pumps through my fingertips every time.) I love the feeling of accomplishment that I took something that didn’t exist prior and made it happen. I think every writer, content creator and artist feels that way when they are done with their latest work. But with all that being said, I don’t always feel perfect and sometimes I want to lay around in my sweatpants all day long and just eat chocolate until I get a stomachache. So break your own style rules. Wear what you like when you like it and own it. As long as it fits and you are comfortable, who really cares?

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