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Location! Location! Location!

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Dress: Marshall's find // Shoes: Aldo x Target // Bag: Hollywould // Blazer: Cotton On

I was about to start this post off by writing about how beautiful this little setting is. In reality, it was freezing (effing freezing). What was I thinking? I wondered as I took off my blazer and posed underneath a spring like gazebo. It’s only a few minutes. I rationalized as I started to shiver. One thing I’ve learned about photography is that sometimes you have to put yourself out there to really get a good photograph. It’s also really hard to smile when you are cold. But hey, in the name of a good picture… I’ll grin and bear it.

Location can make or break a good photograph. When scouting out new places, look at colors, surroundings and what sort of things might pop into the background and photobomb me. There’s not much worse than getting the perfect angle and a car drives by and there goes the whole thing. Natural settings are much easier to photograph especially during golden hour. Always do a test shot or two to make sure the lighting is right. Then, you can move into taking a few different poses.

Although all of the outfits I wear on the blog are real outfits, I do not always photograph them on the day that I wear them. Sometimes it takes two sessions to create an entire post. I found it’s more fun to enjoy whatever activity I am participating in and photograph the outfit when I’m not in a hurry. Being in a hurry creates sloppy work. Take your time and try different angles, poses and more film gives you the option to be picky in your edit.

For today’s post I wore a blush lace dress (great for holiday parties) and a simple pair of velvet mary janes. The black handbag is great for a party and you can wear the blazer over it if you want to cover up a little. Blush is a color great for all times of the year including the holidays (see here and here for a few more ideas). Top it off with a sparkly clutch and you are ready to head out the door!

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