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Navy & Pink Stripes

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I love me some stripes! This is an old favorite that I decided to pull out recently for the premier of my new feature for the blog! I am so excited to announce that I am partnering with Witlee! You'll see more in the coming months, but now my Instagram is shop-able. When I do decide to repeat an old favorite like this dress, you can search on using Witlee's platform and find like items. 

I am really fascinated with the e-commerce side of blogging. Being that I am more of a content creator, rather than an e-commerce expert... it's been a fun challenge to take on. I partnered late last year with Shopstyle to bring you guys some handpicks for each blog post. You can always shop my looks and many of my interior or beauty posts with their feature listed at the bottom of each post. 

For social media, Witlee is really the way to go. You can even search by hashtag. My favorites are #houstonblogger and #ootd. You'll be able to see all sorts of curated items and options for similar popular items. It's really easy for a reader to navigate! You can access it by clicking "Shop" on the top right hand side of this site. 

I've updated another feature for Three Heel Clicks - and just issued another release of my Newsletter. You can sign up for the Newsletter here, but going forward will have ideas, inspiration and exclusive content sent out on a monthly and seasonal basis. Don't worry, I won't inundate your inbox with a ton of emails! If you sign up by the end of this week, you'll get the Spring Preview issue sent to your email. 

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